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What would you do with your last day on Earth?

A picture of the 2012 movie poster taken by jdxyw, from Flikr.

Tidal waves wreak havoc over New York City. A severe drop in temperature leaves Europe a frozen tundra. India is destroyed with massive earthquakes that seem to split the Earth in two.

According to many, this is what will happen on December 21, 2012 . You have just over 10 months to prepare.

Why is everyone freaking out about this day? According to NASA scientists, the stories originally predicted the end of the world to be in May 2003. When the alleged planet Nibiru didn’t collide with Earth, the date was moved to December 2012. The date was combined with the ancient Mayan calendar end during the winter solstice and December 21, 2012 was born.

With the media a buzz with headlines on the “End of the World,” we took to the streets of Chicago to see what people had planned for their last day on Earth. We asked, “If 2012 is truly the end of the world, how would you spend your last day?”

Many of the answers we received revolved around being with friends and family. Kim Ott, 52, of O’Fallen, IL has had a plan in place for a while. “I’d spend all my savings to take all my loved ones to watch fireworks on the beach in Florida,” Ott said.

Her companion, Chuck Wild, 60, of Freeburg,IL, said, “I’d just want to have all my friends at my place for a huge barbecue.”

Christy Abdella, 40, of Columbus, OH, seconded Kim and Chuck’s focus on friends and family. Christy added that she would find clarity by making amends with those she cared about.

For a different outlook, we asked current college students for their prospectives. For Nellie Chung, 19, of Los Angeles, CA, safety was the number one priority. “I’d go buy a bunch of supplies and guns, then lock up to protect myself from riots.”

Safety was not all students’ main concern. Nick Smeeding, 21, of Buffalo, NY said, “I’d have the biggest end of the world party!”

However, it wasn’t just the college crowd’s responses that fell outside the traditional friends and family spectrum. Tamara Simms, 40, of Monee, IL, said she would be in Las Vegas. “If I knew it would be all over that night, I’d go blow it all and live it up.”

Click here for more information on 2012 “End of the World” theories.


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