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Loyola Ramblers Men’s Soccer Team Wins Homecoming Match

The Loyola Ramblers Men's Soccer Team gives a shout out to its graduating seniors during its October 15 "Homecoming Weekend" match. Photo By Kim De Guzman


Such screams echo down Chicago streets from time to time, perhaps when a vicious dog chases a mailman, when a child gets injured on the playground, or when someone accidentally steps in a puddle with his or her new $1000 boots.

The sound was also heard at a recent Loyola University Chicago soccer game, when a player scored the winning goal after 106 minutes of play.

The whole crowd screamed  when Freshman Brian Bement (#15) scored the winning goal for the Loyola Ramblers during the October 15 home game against the University of Detroit Mercy Titans.

The Ramblers defeated the Titans with a final score of 1-0.

After the Ramblers’ victory, the team’s season record stood at  3 wins, 9 losses, and 1 tie.

The Ramblers kicked off the event at 6 PM that evening with a tailgate party at Hoyne Avenue Field. Students, parents, alumni and friends gathered to eat  hot dogs, waffles dipped in chocolate syrup and whipped cream, and potato chips.

Nicole Kowalski, a 19-year-old sophomore, brought her family to the tailgate party.

“It’s a great way for us to spend some quality time together as a family,” she said. “And for me to take a break from studying and schoolwork.”

After the tailgate party, fans headed across the street to the soccer field for the match. Loyola offered complimentary “Homecoming Weekend” scarves, poms, and banners to the audience.

Seniors Peter McKeown (#00), Alex Wynne (#2), Erik Warren (#6), Justin Koehler (#12), Tanner Nebbia (#13), Eric Marofske (#14), Thomas Sudyka (#30), and J.T Wiebe (#28) were honored in a pregame ceremony as a part of “Senior Night.” After the ceremony, kickoff officially began at 7 PM.

In an extremely assertive game, the Ramblers’ offense had many opportunities to score, but couldn’t break through the staunch defense. At the end of regulation time, the score remained tied at 0-0.

Alexandra Sanchez, 19, was at the soccer game in support of her older brother, junior Nick Sanchez (#21), who plays for the Ramblers.

“The game has been pretty intense and exciting so far,” the sophomore said at halftime. “Hopefully the Ramblers will score a goal in the next half!”

The first overtime period of 10 minutes ended without a score, so there was the second overtime of 10 minutes.

The second overtime period was a different story, however. The Ramblers’ offense allowed Sophomore Kyle Spoo (#17) to kick the ball to the net, and pass it to Bement at the last-minute. Bement was waiting near the post when he made the winning goal, his fourth of the season.

After Bement scored, the crowd erupted into cheers, and it was as if a sea of maroon and gold colors flooded the field.

The Saturday night soccer game was part of Loyola’s Homecoming Weekend, which brought together Loyola students, parents, families, and alumni for three days to “celebrate the university.”

Homecoming Weekend was a joint venture between the Department of Alumni Relations and the Division of Student Development, although many other university departments, schools, and student organizations were involved in the weekend as well.

“This weekend was the rebirth of homecoming,” said Nicole LeDuc Meehan, director of alumni relations.

“We’re celebrating Loyola pride. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, part of the faculty or staff, a parent or family member, or an alumni who graduated 50 years ago because we’re all Ramblers.”

Other events at this year’s Homecoming Weekend included the annual Midnight Madness pep rally, the Harvest Festival, the School of Communication’s Publications Reunion, the Home For All Faiths Tour, and the Homecoming Weekend Mass at Madonna Della Strada Chapel.

Meehan had high hopes for this year’s Homecoming Weekend.

“We hoped to foster very strong community bonding,” she said. “This [Homecoming Weekend] has been a year in the making.”

Photo By Kim De Guzman


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