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Top 5 Electronic Gifts This Holiday Season

This holiday season everyone’s holding out for electronics. Young, old, male female everyone wants the latest and greatest gadget available. So what do you buy for the special people in your life? I talked to Stephen Jacobs, an employee at the Lincoln Park Best Buy, to find out the best electronics to buy this holiday season.

1. Ipad 2

Price: Starts at $499

Features: The Ipad 2 features numerous software upgrades to 2010’s original model including: Dual-core A5 chip, Apple’s new iOS, the fastest mobile operating system, two cameras front and back, and access to the iCloud which will connect all of your Apple devices to each other.

Why It’s Great: “An Ipad is perfect for anyone leading a busy life, all of us. It’s compact, lightweight and fully loaded with everything you could ever need. It has 2 high-res cameras, an LED screen and is the most user-friendly of all tablets on the market. The Ipad is a little on the pricey side, but is well worth it. They last forever and Apple has the best customer care service around, besides Best Buy of course,” said Jacobs.

2. The Sony Bravia HX800 Series 3D HDTV or a 3D TV

Price: The 40” starts at $1499.95

Features: The Bravia features 3D imaging in all HD formats, LED backlighting, USB input, Sony Internet Television, a Wi-Fi adapter, and the Bravia Engine 3 (Sony’s most advanced video operating system.)

Why It’s Great: “The Sony 3D TV is the best one on the market. Not only can you watch anything you want in high-definition 3D. The best thing about this TV, besides it being a 3D set is that it also has Internet capabilities. So you can either connect it to your home Internet or set it up as a Wi-Fi hotspot of its own. The picture quality on this set is incredible, even without watching things in 3D,” explains Stephen Jacobs.

3. The Kindle E-Reader by Amazon

Price: Starts at $79

Features: The Kindle features a

high-contrast E-Ink Display to deliver crisp clear texts and images no matter what the lighting. It also features a one month battery life, built in Wi-Fi, adjustable text sizes, and Whispersync technology which allows you to mark your place in any book, document or bookmark you may be viewing. The Kindle is also lightweight and compact and has enough memory for up to 10,000 books.

Why It’s Great: “The Kindle was the first e-reader on the market and remains the best-selling. The Kindle is easy to use and has a very simplistic design making it desirable for all demographics. Amazon’s book selection is one of the best of any e-reader market and the Kindle’s extraordinary battery life and memory make it ideal for long trips, making it the perfect e-reader,” says Jacobs.

4. The X-Box 360 with Kinect

Price: Starts at $299 for Kinect and console or $179 for just Kinect

Features: The Xbox 360 with Kinect technology allows users to take video-gaming experience to a whole other level. The Kinect when added to the top-selling Xbox 360 allows for full-body gaming (so more than just your thumbs get a work-out) and voice commands. The Kinect knows your voice and uses hand recognition technology to customize your gaming experience. To activate the hand recognition technology simply wave your hand in front of the console and the computer will automatically pull up your personalized settings for any game. The Xbox console features XBOX LIVE allowing you to connect to the Internet and challenge your friends to your favorite video game.”

Why It’s Great: “The Xbox system is already on of the best video-gaming systems available and the technology of the Kinect makes it even better. The Kinect takes the full-body gaming introduced by the Wii and expands on that. The hand recognition technology allows for the most personalized gaming experience out there. And XBOX LIVE allows you to challenge anyone to a round of ‘Call of Duty’. None of the other video game consoles can offer an experience like Xbox can with Kinect,” explains Jacobs.

5. Iphone 4s

Price: Starts at $199

Features: The Iphone 4s features all of your favorite Iphone features from the 4 and makes them better. Like all other Apple products the 4s features the fastest software available in the dual-core A5 chip as well as the iOS5 the best operating system available at the moment. It also features an all new high-quality dual camera, iCloud and Siri. Siri, Apple’s newest invention allows your phone to talk back to you and respond to your requests.

Why It’s Great: “I know this is the 2nd Apple product we’ve talked about but the new Iphone is the perfect gift this holiday season. Especially with the birth of Siri. Siri is being referred to as the intelligent assistant. It will do whatever you ask of it. Whether that be making phone calls, sending e-mails or looking up directions to the nearest Starbucks, Siri does it all. But this is also the fastest of all of the iPhones and it features perhaps the best camera on any phone on the market,” says Jacobs.

Photo Slide Show of Products

By: Brigitte Sheerin

Photo Credits:

Ipad 2: Paul Sakuma/AP Images

Sony TV: Shizuo Kambayashi/AP Images

Kindle: Anonymous/AP Images

Xbox: Mike Stewart/AP Images

Iphone 4s: Eric Risberg/AP Images


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