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Marijuana More Popular than Starbucks

More Medical Marijuana, less Starbucks 

When I tell people that I’m from the Denver area in Colorado, the first thing people think of usually consists of skiing and mountains. However, the high altitude of the city isn’t the only thing that is given it a reputation for being high. According to The Daily and a check on Google maps, Denver now has more Medical Marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks. In fact, according to CBS News, there are more “farmacys” than Starbucks, McDonalds and normal pharmacies combined, with 300 locations where the residents of Colorado can fulfill their medical marijuana prescription.
It’s been almost 13 years since Colorado added to it’s constitution the provision passing the medical marijuana initiative in 2000, and just this month amendment 64 was passed making it legal for anyone over the age of 21 to use marijuana, creating a recreational- marijuana retail industry that didn’t exist prior.
Right now Colorado is profiting about $172 million dollars from it’s regulated medical-marijuana industry, according to the Denver Post.

Amendment 64
Since it is now legal for any adult to use marijuana recreationally you would assume they would use it for it’s benefits such as it’s ability to heal pain, treat glaucoma, anxiety, depression, easement of chemotherapy, and more according to doctors. Coffee is not only drunk for it’s benefits as well but it’s taste, enjoyment, and the coffee culture that exists in the United States. There is something enjoyable about being in a coffee shop drinking a cup of steaming joe with your friends.

In fact, the same culture exists for marijuana in my home state. There is a certain atmosphere of enjoyment with sharing a joint or passing around a pipe with your mates. So who knows if the future of Colorado is headed in the direction of the cannabis coffeeshops in Amsterdam, one can only imagine.

The connection
So what is this correlation with Starbucks and Medical Marijuana?
Starbucks is something that is known to be on every block, almost a foundation of any city in this country, I mean who doesn’t like Starbucks?
However, in Denver there are now MORE, I repeat MORE Medical Marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks.

Coloradans have spoken, and the demand for Marijuana is greater than for your delicious latte or cappuccino.
What this means for the future of our country, will be determined by us, what we demand shall be supplied.
As for the rest of the country if it is to follow suite of my home state, then you may be seeing less coffee on every corner and more weed to get your daily fix.

Check out a  map of Medical Marijuana Shops vs.  Coffee Shops  here.


  • written by Patty Lamberti on December 13th, 2012
  • posted in Featured

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