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5 Types of Christmas Ornaments You’ll See This Year

Christmas season is upon us. In addition to wreaths, lights and trees, it’s time to head out and buy the staple Christmas decoration – the ornaments.

Hallmark Creations store manager, Ryan Krupienski, says that ornament sales in his store account for 10-15% of annual sales.

“Year to date through November our store has done about $55,000 in ornaments which is about 11% of our total sales, and we are expecting to do another $30,000 by the end of the year.”

Ornaments have evolved much past a string with colored paper attached to it. Hallmark sells ornaments that are hand-made by artists whose job is to create unique ornaments made from glass, plastic, metals and wood all year round.

Although there are hundreds of different ornaments available each year, there are always a handful of repeats that collectors and regular Christmas shoppers alike can expect to see year after year. So whether you are buying gifts for others or collecting for yourself, here are the guaranteed types of ornaments you’ll see this season.

The Movie Ornament

There will always be a few movies each year that put people into a craze. You can bet that there will be an ornament replicating the leading lady or man of these popular flicks.

“There are a ton of movie series themes.” Krupienski said. “And there will always be ones that are current. This year we have Twilight, which will be very popular.”

According to Krupienski, Twilight has been a customer favorite in past years but because the final movie was released just last month it is flying off the shelves.

On the flip side, Hallmark artists also create classic movie ornaments from films that are decades old.

“Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz are both favorites, the movies are timeless and so is the idea of the ornament as a gift,” Krupienski said.


The “First” Ornament

As long as people continue to get married, buy houses and have kids, the “first” ornaments will continue to be seen.

According to Krupienski, buying  the “first” ornaments can be appropriate for a wedding or baby shower as well as a Christmas gift.

Most customers head into Hallmark with a list of a few cards to pick up and maybe a gift or two. When shopping around for a newlywed couple or a new baby, the ornament aisle is a good place to start.

“I always suggest the “Our First Christmas” ornament to people who are buying wedding cards around the holidays. It’s the perfect gift and doesn’t cost too much compared to other gift ideas,” Krupienski said.

The National Vital Statistics Survery reported that the total amount of babies born in 2011 reached close to $4 million so the “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament is always a good idea, too.

The Athlete Ornament

Down, set, hike! The professional athlete ornament is a repeat through the years but differs from other series that customers can bet on seeing. This is because the athlete normally changes.

“We  have a Walter Payton ornament and that’s a new one,” Krupienski said. “Our store had to start a wait list earlier in the summer for him.”

Normally, Hallmark produces ornaments replicating current players. Krupienski said that customers have been excited to see a retired legend in the collection.

Ornament collecting may seem like a feminine hobby to keep but Krupienski says that some of the die-hard collectors he knows are in fact men who can’t get enough of the NFL, NHL and MLB ornaments.

The Family Ornament

Does anyone in your family ever seem to forget what role they play? Well, have no fear. Another ornament you can count on seeing this year is the family ornament. These ornaments vary from year to year but always have a “father”, “mother”, “brother/son” and “daughter/sister” component.

“In 2011, the family ornaments were sports themed and each family member was a different polar bear playing a different sport. This year they are snow cones.”

Krupienski said that these ornaments make a good gift for a new big sister or big brother if they’re the oldest child in the family.

The Angel Ornament

Last, but not least, is the angel ornament. There are multiple types of angels each year. Last year, Hallmark started an angel series of called “Angels Around the World.”

Krupienski says that “These [angels] are beautiful and really capture the country they are representing.”

The series has released Ireland and Germany and will continue next year with a country that is yet to be announced.

“This series has gotten attention from customers who enjoy connecting with their heritage or who want to share where they come from with the younger generation in their family,” Krupienski said.

So, whether you are shopping for a friend, family member or significant other, Christmas ornaments are a safe way to go for gifts this year. Each year the variety continues to expand and there is always an ornament that will be a perfect fit for someone on your list.

If nothing else, you can count on these 5 types of ornaments to be in stores this holiday season to serve as a shopping guide.

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Photos By: Kris de Curtis and Hallmark

  • written by bnelson4 on December 13th, 2012
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