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5 Outfits Guys Shouldn’t Wear This Finals Season

Alright fellow college men, finals week is approaching and we all know that means. It’s time for those long nights and early mornings studying. With that comes even less of a will to worry about how we look as we roll out of bed. But let’s try to make at least a respectable name for ourselves this year. Sheida Ketabchi, a freelance fashion consultant and student at the University of South Carolina recommends avoiding these outfits if at all possible:

Monotonous Colors

I know how tempting it can be to throw on a pair of matching sweats. They’re extremely comfortable and easy to throw on. But instead of looking like a crayon, mix up the colors. Gray on gray is the main offender here. According to Ketabchi, “Black on black is usually the only time you can wear the same color on top and bottom because black tops are usually made out of different materials than black bottoms.” With gray, it’s usually sweats on top and bottom and Ketabchi considers that, “Just hideous.”

Socks w/ sandals

This is the classic example of what not to do. Now, athletic sandals are usually acceptable with socks. The sandals to avoid with socks are the leather sandals that you would wear because of warm weather. “You’re crossing seasons. Flip flops are associated with summer and warm weather, but the socks mean you’re cold,” says Ketabchi. But why would you want to look like this anyways? On a similar topic, don’t wear jeans with sandals. Every guy has been tempted to do this at some point in his life. You’re allowed one free pass, but after that, don’t do it again. Please?

Pajamas in public

This one should go without saying. Pajamas are meant to be worn in one place, and one place only – your bedroom. “They’re unruly and are meant to be worn when no one is around to see them,” says Ketabchi. Nothing is worse than seeing a person, or a group of people walking around wearing their Onesies. It’s just not okay. Where did this recent Onesie fad among teenagers and young adults suddenly come from? This is basically the lazier form of a monotonous sweatshirt and sweatpants combo.

Different Patterns

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. It’s time to pick one or the other. Are you going to wear the striped shirt or the jacket with diamonds on it? Or as Ketabchi says, “You can’t wear a pinstripe suit with a polka dot tie.” Would you be able to take yourself seriously in an interview with a polka dot tie by itself? Let alone if you had another design scheme throwing you off.

Jean Shorts

Don’t get me wrong. There are some jean shorts that are acceptable. Usually anything by South Pole is okay to wear. The jean shorts to avoid are the ones that look like you took a paper-cutter to an ordinary pair of blue jeans. But here’s the kicker. When’s the last time you saw a store selling a pair of jean shorts that looked like they were made in the last ten years? Ketabchi explains how, “They don’t make them anymore. You’re stuck in the wrong era if you’re still wearing them.” So unless you’re from the original cast of “Sandlot,” leave the jean shorts alone. That includes jorts.

Which of these violations will you break?

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