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Big Data for Social Justice

Big Data for Social Justice


To kick-off summer, the CME Group Business Analytics Lab provided mentoring and professional guidance to students who participated in the First Year Research Experience (FYRE). Undergraduate, graduate and Loyola faculty spent three weeks conducting research and experiments on various topics ranging from app development to genome sequencing research. Kajal […]

Andy Rooney (2005) gave echo to William James (1910)

Andy Rooney (2005) gave echo to William James (1910)

Memorial Day 2017 is now almost history.  Before it completely gets away from us, let us reflect on something Andy Rooney originally said in his 60-Minutes segment on May 29, 2005 (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/rooney-rethinks-memorial-day/):

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, the day we have set aside to honor by remembering all the Americans who have died fighting for […]

Summer Book Bag

Gini in a Bottle

Al Gini

Summer Book Bag


Ah, summer is soon upon us! Summer says the song is when “the living is easy!” Well, I’m not sure it ever gets “easy,” but summer does seem to offer us a few delicious options: longer days, nice weather, “road trips,” the beach, […]

An article well worth reading by those interested in managerialism, liberalism, neo-liberalism, and so-called progressive social enterprise.

When faced with so-called ‘progressive business’, stay skeptical.

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MGMT 443 Global Environmental Ethics

MGMT 443 Global Environmental Ethics

To adjust for the fact that Loyola scheduled commencement ceremonies on the day that we have our last class session, and that a good proportion of the class is graduating, we decided to insert a Saturday class so that the class would finish the week before graduation.  This is a picture of the last hour […]

7 Reasons to Enroll in the NxG Leadership Institute

7 Reasons to Enroll in the NxG Leadership Institute

Our Next Generation Leadership Institute is kicking-off in 3 weeks (May 5-6)!  For those of you who might be hesitant about taking the plunge or need to know more about the benefits of enrolling, we pulled together a list of reasons — check ’em out below and start filling out that application!

NGLI […]

Student Profile: Richard Osty

Student Profile: Richard Osty

Name: Richard Osty

Major: Finance, Minor: Asian Studies

Expected Graduation Year: 2017

Dream Job: Creating innovative financial solutions

How has the BA Lab helped with your major?

The Business Analytics lab has helped me explore my intellectual curiosity within finance and asset management in particular. I have had access to industry standard technology, platforms, and resources to aid my learning process.

What […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Madelyn Cruz

The Quinlan Ramble trip was an amazing experience from all aspects. The trip not only gave me the opportunity to learn about my future career path, but also expanded my perspective regarding the multi-functional aspects of being a professional in the finance sector. The experiences that I have gained through this program allowed me to […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Oleg Pitchuk

After spending the previous spring break working back home, going on the Quinlan Ramble to New York City this spring was not only a welcome change of scenery, but also one of the coolest experiences I have had so far during my time at Loyola. I would like to thank Alex, Chelsea, Meghan, Dean Stevens […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Lourdes Guzmán Sánchez

As a Dual Business Degree student from Loyola Andalucía University in Spain, I felt like part of a big family during the Quinlan Ramble trip to New York City. Finding out that I was not the only international student on the trip reinforced one of the reasons why I love Loyola: its diversity. El Salvador, […]