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Morning at Javeriana and afternoon at Finca: Las Margaritas

KATE: My days of my attempted eloquence are over. There is too much to say now, and too little time spent quietly; we are so excited for our last hours in Bogota that even when we have a little time we fill it with something additional.

Yesterday, we were generously hosted by the Jesuit University, Javeriana. […]

A visit to Universidad De Los Andes, Bogota



KATE: The privilege of taking a class with the view of the Andes mountains is hard to put in to words. Further still, the privilege of being so immersed in the learnings that you aren’t even distracted by the beautiful scenery, impossible! We were given the chance to have a lecture with Professor Andres Barrios […]

Last night was the best dinner of my life

KATE: When I say, “That was the best dinner in my life,” I am usually being hyperbolic. And it’s most often used to describe the food. Today, when I say “last night was the best dinner of my life,” I am not. And while the food was delicious, I refer to the company. Our group […]

Re-reading, Re-learning the Reality and the ghosts of Violence


  “At the time my city was beginning to emerge from the most violent years of its recent history. I’m not talking about the violence of cheap stabbings and stray bullets, the settling of accounts between low-grade dealers, but the kind that transcends the small resentments and small revenges of little people, the violence whose […]

Ciudad Verde



KATE KASCH: Sunday we took in Bogota. Our guides and translators were Felipe and Patricia, a modern Colombian couple. They met here and have spent time in the US. He, as a Fullbright scholar at Harvard and she, as a youth in Maryland and at graduate school at Northeastern in Boston.


They took […]

2/28/15 – Bienvenidos!


KATE KASCH, arrival Bogota:

The whole group has made it to Bogota, Colombia. Reuniting in a foreign country feels natural for this group, and there is so much excitement in the energy between us that we spent those first few hours all talking at the same time and somehow hearing everything said. There were group hugs […]

2/28/15 Horseback Riding in La Calera



8:00 am – Lisa, Aggeliki, Justine & Kate – Horseback Riding in La Calera with Andreas Umana                 5:07 pm – Kate and Greg arrive in Bogota from Chicago

It’s Saturday morning, the first morning for four of us, begins early. We are up, dressed and at breakfast by 7:15am ready to meet with Andres Umana of […]

2/27/15 – ORD to BOG


SARAH HAQUE: It’s time! We finished meeting up as a group and with Prof. Shultz and Prof. Benton the night before. Briefed each other on security, safety, climate, social norms, money etc. all the basics for visiting Colombia. For four of us, (Lisa, Aggeliki, Justine and myself) the flight is early morning on Friday. […]

Why Colombia?



When evaluating where we should conduct our research, our group had considered several places. We could return to Southeast Asia, we could explore new ground with Lebanon, Kenya, Bosnia to name a few, but when Colombia was mentioned, it seemed instinctively obvious. We each individually had it at the top of our list. […]

The Case for Colombia


Dear Loyola,
Welcome to our blog from our travels and on-the-ground research in Colombia. The idea for this project was born out of conversations with incredible professors and like-minded students who wanted to reach beyond the classroom for greater learning. This project was several months in the making and still a few months to go, this […]

About this blog

In the spirit of Jesuit education that Loyola University Chicago provides, these six program participants have been inspired by the social justice mindset of Loyola as well as the international travel opportunities offered through the Quinlan School of Business Marketing classes. After discovering a love for both of these areas of study, program participants were inspired to continue learning about business and underserved populations in additional parts of the world, specifically Colombia. Colombia remains a disenfranchised country; as business students, the program participants believe that business is a vehicle for positive change in Colombia. Program participants see ourselves as academic catalysts to Colombia, building on our academic experiences at the Quinlan School of Business and the mission of Loyola University Chicago. We have a personal sense of accountability as Quinlan School of Business students that what we say we believe in and value must be the way we operate. Therefore, program participants are excited to undertake this exclusive opportunity to leverage Professor Shultz’s 25 years of experience in devastated and recovering economies, and to conduct on-the-ground research first-hand in Colombia.