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When Home Won’t Let You Stay

“We create the communities we want by the stories we share. If we want a divided and discriminating community, we share stores that highlight our differences and disagreements; and if we want a unified and supportive community, we share stories of common experience and shared purpose.”

James A. Bowey

There is a traveling exhibit with […]

Trash, a long lasting problem

Five years ago I wrote a commentary in the Journal of Macromarketing about two sides of the same coin. We consume lot of stuff, tons of stuff, and it either gets recycled (side one) or it gets trashed (side two). I would attach my commentary to this note if I could figure out how; I […]

Loyola and the Final Four

As we prepare for the Final Four game, which everybody at Loyola hopes we win, we should remember two things — regardless of the outcome this coming weekend.

First, while Loyola won the NCAA tournament in 1963, it was also a victory for racial justice and integration. Not to be forgotten is that Loyola was banned […]

Poverty in America?

“States of Vulnerability”

Award-winning photographer Matt Black has spent the past four years traveling the country to document impoverished communities for his project, “The Geography of Poverty.” These previously unpublished photographs, taken between December 2016 and September 2017, along with diary entries from Black’s travels and an essay from the social entrepreneur Wes […]

Ken Burns, Lynn Novic, and The Vietnam War

If you did not get a chance to watch Ken Burns’ and Lynn Novic’s masterful The Vietnam War, be sure to stream it now before it goes away for awhile.  Links to the program follow at the end of this post but you won’t be able to stream it for much longer.  Don’t miss the […]

Andy Rooney (2005) gave echo to William James (1910)

Memorial Day 2017 is now almost history.  Before it completely gets away from us, let us reflect on something Andy Rooney originally said in his 60-Minutes segment on May 29, 2005 (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/rooney-rethinks-memorial-day/):

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, the day we have set aside to honor by remembering all the Americans who have died fighting for […]

An article well worth reading by those interested in managerialism, liberalism, neo-liberalism, and so-called progressive social enterprise.

When faced with so-called ‘progressive business’, stay skeptical.

If that link doesn’t work, this is the direct URL.


MGMT 443 Global Environmental Ethics

To adjust for the fact that Loyola scheduled commencement ceremonies on the day that we have our last class session, and that a good proportion of the class is graduating, we decided to insert a Saturday class so that the class would finish the week before graduation.  This is a picture of the last hour […]

Political Appointments and Sustainability

December 31, 2016

Since this is a blog about sustainability and social enterprise, I thought I’d end the year with one about sustainability and politics. In particular, a contrarian view of Mick Mulvaney, trumps pick to head the OMB.

I say contrarian because a Grist headline on December 22nd was this: “Trump’s pick to head the federal […]

My personal post-mortem

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The morning began as any other Wednesday morning begins. I got up, made the coffee, and took the trash out to the curb. All before 7:00 am. Wednesday is our trash/recycling/yard waste day and 7:00 am is when they begin rolling down our street.

Since we went to bed before the final tally […]

About this blog

Solving the world's sustainability problems depends on how well businesses and consumers understand the implications of their products and practices, as well as how business leaders adopt strategies that allow for sustainability and profit to coexist. It also takes a real shift in thinking and one's mind set. This blog will introduce and encourage a conversation, among students in the Quinlan School of Business, and elsewhere in the university and the world, about the issues involved in sustainable business practices, and sustainable consumption choices. I will occasionally entertain guest blogs from undergraduate or graduate students or alums. If, at some point, you want to guest blog, contact me.