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Outsourcing Oscar

I recently had a chance to talk to the local ABC News affiliate about R.S. Owens, the Chicago company that is best known for manufacturing the Oscar statues handed out at the Academy Awards, and the possibility of the production of these statues moving to China: Supply Side of Oscars.  It was my first experience […]

The fruit of knowledge: Apple’s sweatshop problem

Recent calls to boycott Apple due to poor working conditions at its Chinese supplier, Foxconn, are simply business as usual. Nike has faced sweatshop accusations for decades; Disney and Mattel were added to this unenviable list last year. If a company is manufacturing overseas, it appears that taking advantage of poor labor conditions is more […]

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Maciek Nowak is an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Business. He is also the director for the MS in Supply Chain Management program.