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Taking a Summer Course Online

A groups of 25 undergraduates and I are approaching the end of our compressed 8-week summer online Marketing 201 course. For some, this process is familiar, while others are experiencing the virtual classroom for the first time. During the regular school term, undergraduate education at Loyola Chicago and the Quinlan School specifically is face-to-face and […]

The Museum of Memories and Human Rights Strikes a Personal Chord

One of the students on our Chile study-abroad experience, Ismael Ruiz Hoyas, shares some very personal impressions and realizations related to our trip.  The following is his dialogue:

Chile is a country that produces a wide range of commodities that include alpaca wool and limon de píca from Atacama; olive oil, papaya and pisco from Copiapo; […]

Shipping and Sipping Outside of Santiago

Our final major group outing in Chile involved an exploration outside of Santiago to the old port of Valparaiso and into wine country. During a foggy morning we ambled through the steep streets of this port, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, whose sister-city is appropriately San Francisco.  The buildings were painted a variety of bright primary […]

Sustaining Santiago

This entry is from our  student guest blogger, Abbey Rosenwinkel:

The theme of our Wednesday visits can be characterized by one word: sustainability. In one way or another each speaker we heard from emphasized the importance of sustainability in Chile. Although all three companies were very different, there was a clear link between them.

First we heard from Emprendo […]

Tale of Two Santiagos

From our student guest blogger, Colleen Callinan:

The View from San Cristobal Hill

After our morning stroll up San Cristobal hill, we boarded the bus for a 45 minute ride to a local barrio to meet with the leaders of a grassroots community center being aided by Rodrigo Aguyayo, founder of Proyecto Propio. We watched as […]

Santiago: A City of Change & Innovation

From our student guest blogger, Abbey Rosenwinkel:

To better understand the culture of a city, you have to be willing to travel to locations that can’t be found on Trip Advisor. On Monday morning we traveled down to the once economically booming neighborhood of Recoleta to see some of the local food markets. Recoleta at one time was known […]

From the City to the Mountains

From our student guest blogger Abbey Rosenwinkel:

Our first two days in Chile couldn’t have been more opposite. Upon arriving we were swept into the whirlwind of a city that has many similarities and differences from Chicago. Chile’s painful and polarizing political history, their impressive focus on sustainability, and the geographical location near the Andes mountain range gives […]

Spring Break Studying (and Savoring) Santiago, Chile

An adventurous group of thirteen students in Quinlan’s Graduate School of Business are heading away from chilly Chicago to the warmer Chile south of the equator for our Spring Break.  With temperatures in the 80’s and sunny, clear days that mark early-autumn in that part of the world, we are mixing business with pleasure in […]

Teaching and Learning During J-Term

It is -2 degrees with a snow squall visible from my window. In a short time I will have my daily online meeting with nine brave undergraduates who are scattered throughout the globe and completing their basic Marketing course during our 2-week intensive J-term.

Of course, after a relatively balmy December, few may have anticipated another […]

Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Passe

Retail analysts have labeled shopping revenues on this past Black Friday and Cyber Monday “disappointing.” The number of shoppers over the four-day long Thanksgiving weekend decreased by more than 5% in comparison with 2013.  In addition, the National Retail Federation (NRF) reported that revenues were down 11%.  The NRF blamed “early holiday promotions” as a […]

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