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Spring Break Studying (and Savoring) Santiago, Chile

An adventurous group of thirteen students in Quinlan’s Graduate School of Business are heading away from chilly Chicago to the warmer Chile south of the equator for our Spring Break.  With temperatures in the 80’s and sunny, clear days that mark early-autumn in that part of the world, we are mixing business with pleasure in […]

Teaching and Learning During J-Term

It is -2 degrees with a snow squall visible from my window. In a short time I will have my daily online meeting with nine brave undergraduates who are scattered throughout the globe and completing their basic Marketing course during our 2-week intensive J-term.

Of course, after a relatively balmy December, few may have anticipated another […]

Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Passe

Retail analysts have labeled shopping revenues on this past Black Friday and Cyber Monday “disappointing.” The number of shoppers over the four-day long Thanksgiving weekend decreased by more than 5% in comparison with 2013.  In addition, the National Retail Federation (NRF) reported that revenues were down 11%.  The NRF blamed “early holiday promotions” as a […]

Online “No Man Is an Island”

I am reminded of this quote by John Donne as my Marketing 201 online class moves into the final week of the summer session.  Having taught this online course for several years, I am always struck by the range of expectations that students bring to an online course.  Despite their technology and social media savvy, […]

Mission Accomplished!

Today our first cohort of Intercontinental MBA students finishes the last of their coursework and completes their degrees.  It has been a quick eleven months and these full-time students have been diligent and engaged since last August.  They participated in the Graduation Festivities in mid-May, but their final courses, including the capstone in which they […]

IMBAs in the Big Apple and Beyond

Upon returning from our 5-week Asian Odyssey, the Intercontinental MBA Pioneers walked with the Spring graduates, but have one more quarter to degree completion.  This final summer quarter began with a few weeks of online classes and continued with a one-week Finance intensive in New York City.  For several students this was a first trip […]

Leadership and the Bottom of the Pyramid

One of our IMBA students, Thom Feldhacker, provided the following thoughtful synthesis of leadership in light of our Asian experience.  Following are his words.

Al Gini posted an entry on his blog about leadership and the pope: http://blogs.luc.edu/gsb/2014/04/14/pope-francis-on-leadership/.  Upon our return from Asia, leadership has been on the minds of many in the cohort and yet […]

IMBA Students Assess Their Year

Our group of Quinlan Intercontinental MBA Pioneers are participating in this weekend’s graduation festivities with family and friends. These full time students have almost completed their intensive year-long degree requirements.  After the summer term, they will energetically more forward with their careers and their personal lives.

As we experience the seasonal spring that has followed a […]

Reflecting upon the IMBA Asia Residency Experience

Most of us are now back in the U.S. after our five-week Asian Odyssey.  One of our students, Rich Reitenbach, produced a cogent summery of the experience.  So today, Rich will be our Guest Blogger.  The following words are his, with the disclaimer that his extensive use of “we” may not reflect the specific views […]

Hiking Hanoi

The following is an entry from another guest blogger, Rudy Birtler.  Rudy is an Intercontinental MBA Student who comments on our group experience in Hanoi:

Just as we became comfortable navigating Beijing and had the rudimentary communication skills mastered to get us to and from our hotel, the embassy and the hospital, we all piled into […]

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