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Believe in Something!

This simple imperative has sparked controversy and perhaps even further polarization within our culture. The genesis of the conversation revolves around a recent Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. The ad slogan in its entirety is “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.” During his career in the NFL Kaepernick knelt during the national […]

Tips for a Happy New School Year!

September on the academic calendar gives us all a fresh start. As the pace quickens with the opening of school, we greet new and old friends, new courses and professors, new ideas and textbooks and have an opportunity to make New Academic Year Resolutions.

An interesting article in Forbes (Forbes Article ) outlined predicted trends in […]

From Croatia’s World Cup run to the marketing classroom

While the Croatian national team lost to France in the World Cup 2018 final, Croatians enthusiastically welcomed the team home to Zagreb.

Below, Guest Blogger and Clinical Professor of Marketing Katherine Sredl, PhD, who is of Croatian heritage, draws a connection between Croatia’s support for its team and what fuels her research.

Indescribable (Neopisivo). That’s the title […]

The FIFA World Cup, Marketing Tsunami

The following is a Guest Blog from Quinlan’s Charles H. Kellstadt Chair of Marketing, Professor Clifford J. Shultz. Adding to the timeliness of the opening of the games is today’s announcement that North America (Canada, the U.S. and Mexico) will host the 2026 Games.

The FIFA World Cup is arguably the biggest spectacle on the planet: […]

Quinlan Ahead of the Curve on Bias Discussion

If you were in search of an afternoon caffeine jolt on Tuesday, May 29, you noticed that Starbucks was closed. Over 8,000 Starbucks closed that day to conduct diversity training focused on racial bias. This followed a much-publicized incident in Philadelphia in which two African American men were arrested while waiting for a third before […]

What CEOs Could Learn From the Cubs’ Joe Maddon

Guest Blogger Sara K. Gramata, a Lecturer in Marketing at Quinlan, offered the following insights to the Cubs victory. Her insightful analysis that follows is reprinted from Crains Chicago Business:

Watching the Chicago Cubs pave their way to the World Series has been thrilling. Their success is based on solid management principles taught in B-schools every […]

Reaching for the Stars

Today it was my honor to stand beside our Interim President, Dean and Quinlan students to represent the faculty as we formally opened the magnificent new Schreiber Center. Our students and my colleagues are grateful for this wonderful gift.  My humbling task was to articulate a few of the many profound thoughts and reactions that […]

Taking a Summer Course Online

A groups of 25 undergraduates and I are approaching the end of our compressed 8-week summer online Marketing 201 course. For some, this process is familiar, while others are experiencing the virtual classroom for the first time. During the regular school term, undergraduate education at Loyola Chicago and the Quinlan School specifically is face-to-face and […]

The Museum of Memories and Human Rights Strikes a Personal Chord

One of the students on our Chile study-abroad experience, Ismael Ruiz Hoyas, shares some very personal impressions and realizations related to our trip.  The following is his dialogue:

Chile is a country that produces a wide range of commodities that include alpaca wool and limon de píca from Atacama; olive oil, papaya and pisco from Copiapo; […]

Shipping and Sipping Outside of Santiago

Our final major group outing in Chile involved an exploration outside of Santiago to the old port of Valparaiso and into wine country. During a foggy morning we ambled through the steep streets of this port, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, whose sister-city is appropriately San Francisco.  The buildings were painted a variety of bright primary […]

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