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Work vs. Home Personality: My response troubled me for years…

Someone, whom I only knew socially outside of work, once said to me, “How is it that you are a Senior Executive at work and yet so “nice”?” I immediately responded, “You have not seen my work personality!”  Apparently satisfied with my response, the individual moved on to other topics.

However, my response troubled me for […]

What Would it Take to Convince You to Stop Working?

In a recent MBA class discussion on why we work, I asked a student if she would give up her current job if someone offered her four times her current compensation for the rest of her life. “Of Course”, she said,  before I could even finish my question. I clarified that there is a condition […]

About this blog

After a long career in Management Consulting with Accenture, Dr. Masud Arjmand teaches MBA/Exec Ed classes on Talent, Strategy, Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Performance, Management, Organizational Democracy and Governance locally and internationally. This blog is meant to start a dialog for mutual learning on the influence of human dimension in these areas.