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Polls Schmolls, Give Me Markets!

The Presidential race was closer than ever.  You could feel the tension in the air up until the election was called last night.  People were fixated on the polls in every battleground state during the days leading up to the election.  On any given day, President Obama or Governor Romney could be in the lead […]

“Risk-free” jobs?

Let me try to explain the argument regarding the strike with the Chicago Teachers Union using some financial terms.  If teachers have a “risk-free” job (i.e. can’t be terminated) then there must be a discounted rate to offset that risk. It’s like investing, higher risk yields higher returns. You can put your money in the […]

Millenials Under Fire

Millenials, or the uninspiring name “Generation Y”, are constantly criticized as demanding, impatient, entitled, or even spoiled.  Articles on this topic usually have the same theme and usually include sensationalized quotes from Millenials about a lack of commitment or sole interest in making money and becoming famous.  But what about the strengths of Millenials?  What […]

Don’t Regret It, Plan It

Why would you pay over $4,000 for something you don’t enjoy?  You definitely want to get the best possible education, so why would you settle for anything less than a great experience?  The Quinlan MBA program is built around giving you a diverse experience for your Master’s degree.  Over the past two years, I have […]

Keeping up with the…Hermit Crabs?

I recently read an article explaining the curious behavior of why hermit crabs seek new shells.  If a hermit crab comes across a new shell, it will quickly evaluate the shell and determine if it is either larger or in better condition than its current shell.  If the crab likes what it sees, it will […]

Businesses Aren’t Job Creators

“Hiring more people is a course of last resort for capitalists.  It’s what we do, if and only if, rising consumer demand requires it.”  ~Nick Hanauer

I have been skeptical of the “job creation” rhetoric that is often boasted by politicians.  When you turn on the TV and see Democrats and Republicans arguing about who creates […]

Keeping One’s Cool

It has been quite a while since my last post.  My fellow part-time MBA classmates can certainly identify with the fact that there are good months and bad months when balancing work and graduate school.  This last month was one of those bad months for me.  It was the perfect storm of increasing responsibilities at […]

When time does not equal money

Daylight savings is upon us and it got me thinking about the old saying “time equals money”.  In an effort to have some fun at the expense of this old adage, here are some examples that go against this famous line.

Parking Garages & Price Elasticity

One of the saddest days in my short time as an MBA student happened in January 2011 when the local parking garage increased their Loyola discounted rate from $6 to $8.  I didn’t even see it coming!  Suddenly, the price of my only means to get to school increased 33% (driving to school twice per […]

People don’t buy what you do; people buy why you do it.

Why are some leaders able to inspire others to action and outperform the competition?  Why do some organizations that have more resources and talent underperform?  Most companies have the same access to the same sources of resources, information, and talent, so why are some companies able to excel while others fall behind?  Mr. Simon Sinek, […]

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