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Life Quotes

Everyday on social media my eyes are subjected to life quotes of various kinds telling me to live more, love more, jump higher, take vitamins. Some people have JOBS where they’re paid to tweet out things like “Never give up!”. Oh Gosh how I wish they would. It’s true that some quotes are cute and […]

All Of The Things!

Today’s light and fluffy observations begin with the Cambodian cuisine. It’s really good. And I am decidedly not a foodie. Though, I am a huge restaurantie – constantly obsessed with the interiors and ambiance that cool restaurants provide. When I’m at those Chicago mixology bars and they’re mixing gin with a chili sugar lotus flower […]

I Have A School! (And Additional Commentary On The Cambodian People)

Today I met my school and briefly met my students. The kids are technically 3rd and 4th year university level students, but NUM has a distinct high school feel to it. Lots of boys and girls were running up and down the stairways in their crisp white uniforms holding cell phones and backpacks. They were […]


Patience is what I need now. I’m staying in a hotel for only a few more nights and finding an apartment before teaching begins on Monday is what I really want. Except that the apartments I’ve seen aren’t right and what I really need is a roommate. Apartment services are a joke. They’re out here […]

Landing in Phnom Penh

Hello! I guess I will try to break down my 30 minute ride from the airport to my hotel, which is a temporary arrangement until a suitable apartment can be found. I think I expected Phnom Penh to be like Saigon. It’s perhaps Saigon 15 years ago. I think I reasonably expected Phnom Penh to […]

About this blog

Cambodia is changing daily. I am neither the first nor the last American to try her hand at navigating the shifting tides of Phnom Penh, but I am one who goes in good faith. Here I will share with you the sights, sounds, and challenges of my new life—as well as this country's.