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IKEA sustainability manager warns companies not to be ‘greenwash’

“Don’t ‘greenwash’ because you will be caught out.  The media, your own colleagues and customers will be aware (if you pretend to have good sustainability credentials)” was the message the IKEA UK’s environment and sustainable development manager Charlie Browne, speaking at the CIPS Annual Conference.

A good starting point is for procurement departments to look at [...]

Logistics News: Even as they Increasingly Partner for Branded Services, UPS and FedEx Say Recent Major USPS Price Cuts Not Fair

The struggling United States Post Office continues to look at its parcel delivery business as perhaps the key path to some level of financial viability – and it is using significant price cuts to wrest share away from market leaders UPS and FedEx.

The latest USPS pricing initiative began in August when its government regulators gave [...]

Apple iPhone 6 Screen Glitch Leaves Supply Chain Scrambling

Suppliers to Apple are scrambling to get enough iPhone 6 screens ready as the need to redesign a key component disrupted the panel productions mid last week. The issue highlights the risks and challenges that suppliers face to meet Apple’s tough specifications.  It is yet unclear whether the hiccup could delay the launch or limit [...]

Natural Gas Fueling – The Silent Transportation Revolution

A second revolution has been quietly gaining traction in the U.S. transportation sector.  Over the last five years, more than $450 million of private sector capital has been invested in natural gas fueling infrastructure.  In fact, a technological breakthrough has enabled the development of both fuel storage enhancements and lighter stronger tanks that promise to increase [...]

Two-thirds of Boeing’s $6 Billion Cost Cutting Will Come from Its Supply Chain

The head of Boeing’s Defense, Chris Chadwick, spoke on Monday that nearly two-thirds of its $6 Billion in cost cutting will come from savings found in its network of suppliers.

“There continues to be tremendous opportunity in the supply chain for efficiency, cost reduction” said Chadwick.  Boeing has already cut $4 Billion and plan to cut [...]

Real-Time Retailing

According to a survey by BRP, the top priority for retailers is “to enable a seamless customer experience online and in the store.”

BRP defines this “unified commerce” initiative as the evolution of both multi-channel and omni-channel retailing to provide seamless shopping experience for customers anywhere.  The survey offers insights into retailers’ current capabilities, planned initiatives, [...]

Our West Coast Ports To Sign New Agreement & In The Meantime…

The contract between the Pacific Maritime Associates and International longshore and Warehouse Union expired on July 1st, 2014. As both sides continue their negotiations to reach and sign a new agreement, retailers are thinking ahead and exporting holiday merchandise into the country at record levels to protect themselves of any future supply chain disruptions.

Retailers have [...]

The Trade Off of Outsourcing Services

With every business decision that is made there is some kind of trade off that comes with it. When an organization decides to outsource some of their services it is usually to reduce cost or because they do not have the expertise to do it in house. According to a survey conducted by Consero Group, [...]

UPS’s Billion Dollar Investment Into the Future.

After Netherlands denies a merger deal with UPS that entails one of the largest carriers in Europe, TNS, UPS announces its $1 billion investment within the European region. This can act as a major threat to the competitors in Europe and the major players but is also a huge risk that UPS may have taken [...]

The Logistics of the 4th of July

As you all know, last Friday was the celebration of Independence Day and what that means for millions of Americans is a day of reflection as well as spending time with family and friends which involves a lot of food. Looking at this from a supply chain management perspective, it means getting all these food [...]

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