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How Chipotle isn’t the Falling Tree in the Forest

McDonald’s Francesca Diabase, the Chief Sustainability and Supply Chain delivered a keynote at the 4th Annual Chicago Supply Chain and Sustainability Summit on October 20, 2015 on “How Not to be the Falling Tree in the Forest.” The age old philosophical question asks, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to […]

NAFTA & Supply Chain

It has probably been some time since you’ve read an article about NAFTA, and for the most part it makes sense. It has been 21 years since the implementation of the free trade agreement, we are all aware of what it entails and its results, right? Aside from economic prosperity, we did realize also it […]

Managing Water Risk in Mexico City – How some companies are taking advantage

Floods, tsunamis and droughts have been plaguing supply chains for the past decade. It seems that both too much water and too little water are becoming larger issues and disrupting global supply chains. Suppliers, customers, manufacturers, and consumers are affected and mitigating the risk has been a challenge.

In the example of Thailand in 2011, extreme […]

Truck Platooning: The Future of Trucking

For those who don’t remember my post on the rapidly growing demand for truck drivers in the United States, have no fear, because a solution is in the works. The American Trucking Associate reported that by 2020 there will be a shortage of 240,000 truck drivers in the US, with movement of truckers to more […]

Unilever Mission to Humanize the Supply Chain

Traditionally companies have adopted shareholder strategy in their approach to maximizing their profit and satisfying stockholders. But with growing corporate scandals and unethical decisions being made daily by corporate leaders, a general sentiment of corporate social responsibility has been slowly shifting to the forefront and abandoning a “slave” model of please shareholders.

Paul Polman, Unilever’s CEO, […]

Amazon Vs Walmart

While relatively new to the business world, Amazon has evidently showed its competitors that it is here to stay for the long run. Now senior businesses like Walmart are taking on the challenge to expand their eCommerce competitive edge.

Check out the infographic below to see how the two fair up.

Created by WebpageFX

-Riti Patel, Assistant, Supply […]

Recruiting Talent for the Manufacturing Industry

From the perspective of a recent graduate, the job search can be excruciatingly painful. Between reading through numerous job descriptions, finding one that fits your needs, your wants, and most importantly, one that you can contribute to is almost like blind dating.

I can imagine that this is equally frustrating to employers looking to recruit […]

Today’s Global Supply Chain


The above infographic exposes not only the obvious as to why developed countries live in more luxurious conditions, but why poorer countries continue to live more impoverished. Evidently supply chain and business abilities to export goods efficiently effect countries livelihood and standard of living. Click on the infographic for more!

-Riti Patel, Assistant, Supply and […]

Inventory Optimization

Inventory isn’t the sexist topic in supply chain, yet more than often one of the most common issues for companies especially in managing it specifically in optimization. Inventory optimization according to Sean P. Willems, Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management at Boston University is a journey in which most companies move through three efficient […]

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd worldwide (just yesterday). Campaigns are held in cities all over the world encouraging citizens to plant a tree, use public transit and help beautify the city through restoration of the cities

While this one day is dedicated to bringing awareness to the importance of conservation of our […]

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John is the Director of the Supply & Value Chain Center at Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business, where he is also an Executive Lecturer on Global Supply Chain Management courses in the Executive MBA, MBA and MSSCM Programs. John previously was the Vice President and National Practice Leader of Global Supply Chain Strategy for The Revere Group, an NTT Data company and previously held the position of Senior Vice President, Chief Logistics and Operations Officer for Peapod, Inc., where he was responsible for distribution services, inventory management, purchasing, transportation management, logistics engineering and customer service. John has held senior management positions with the following companies: Rand McNally, RR Donnelley & Sons and Ryder Integrated Logistics. He is a frequent speaker at various events and has been quoted and published in numerous publications.