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Our West Coast Ports To Sign New Agreement & In The Meantime…

The contract between the Pacific Maritime Associates and International longshore and Warehouse Union expired on July 1st, 2014. As both sides continue their negotiations to reach and sign a new agreement, retailers are thinking ahead and exporting holiday merchandise into the country at record levels to protect themselves of any future supply chain disruptions.

Retailers have [...]

The Trade Off of Outsourcing Services

With every business decision that is made there is some kind of trade off that comes with it. When an organization decides to outsource some of their services it is usually to reduce cost or because they do not have the expertise to do it in house. According to a survey conducted by Consero Group, [...]

UPS’s Billion Dollar Investment Into the Future.

After Netherlands denies a merger deal with UPS that entails one of the largest carriers in Europe, TNS, UPS announces its $1 billion investment within the European region. This can act as a major threat to the competitors in Europe and the major players but is also a huge risk that UPS may have taken [...]

The Logistics of the 4th of July

As you all know, last Friday was the celebration of Independence Day and what that means for millions of Americans is a day of reflection as well as spending time with family and friends which involves a lot of food. Looking at this from a supply chain management perspective, it means getting all these food [...]

How B2B Companies are Turning to B2C Strategies

For as long as I can remember B2B strategies and functions were looked at and treated very differently than B2C practices. This mind set is changing as more and more organizations that are B2B are seeing that their customers are also individual consumers within a business. The same way a B2C sells to individual customers, [...]

How Global Decisions Can Affect Your Supply Chain.

I recently read an article with regard to the P3 Network – comprising the world’s three largest ocean cargo carriers. First of all will this encourage other shippers to form a similar arrangement? If this becomes a reality are we talking monopoly and all of the disadvantages that would bring including rate-fixing?

It is interesting to [...]

The Supply Chain and its New Labor Demand

Today there is a gap in the supply chain labor force due to the increase in the need for more efficient supply chains. Although a challenge to be addressed, this is great news as more and more opportunities lie within the field of supply chain.

Think of the number of online stores that are emerging; Or [...]

Women Leaders in Supply Chain

I have been asked by one of my Advisory Board members to assemble a group to discuss women leaders in the supply chain profession. I gladly am in the process of doing this task.

The fact that this discussion will happen is a breakthrough on its own and would never have been thought possible in the [...]

How Running an Ethical Supply Chain Will Increase Your Brand Equity.

“Being good is good business”, quoted by Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop. Not everyone understands this phrase, nor do they live by it.

Although running an ethical business is required throughout all functions, but the supply chain is arguably the most important function that shouldn’t be taken for granted when it comes to ethics; [...]

A Demand Driven Supply Chain

The terms supply and demand have gone hand in hand for as long as we can remember; both terms are independent of each other. The problem is that demand evolves much faster than supply trends and is almost not controlled. In today’s world, customers have increasing demand power and a louder voice, competition is increasing [...]

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John is the Director of the Supply & Value Chain Center at Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business, where he is also an Executive Lecturer on Global Supply Chain Management courses in the Executive MBA, MBA and MSSCM Programs. John previously was the Vice President and National Practice Leader of Global Supply Chain Strategy for The Revere Group, an NTT Data company and previously held the position of Senior Vice President, Chief Logistics and Operations Officer for Peapod, Inc., where he was responsible for distribution services, inventory management, purchasing, transportation management, logistics engineering and customer service. John has held senior management positions with the following companies: Rand McNally, RR Donnelley & Sons and Ryder Integrated Logistics. He is a frequent speaker at various events and has been quoted and published in numerous publications.