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Why Nike is the best strategic player?

Nike, which is the world’s leading designer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel and accessories,has become the game changer of the sport industry. This brand has been successful because they have stayed true to their mission by “continually creating quality products for athletes with a focus on making them better”. They also have spent a […]

Macy’s- Drop in Sales

The retail shopping landscape is changing and Macy’s is now facing a wave of store closures (1oo stores). Sears, Kohl’s and Ralph Lauren are some of the many companies who are trying to compete online retailers.

After six quarters of dropping sales, Macy’s Inc. is attempting to explore new ways to save money by joining potential […]

Trucking vs Uber

Digital Freight Matching, also known as DFM, has been used by most companies as a digital platform to match shippers with carriers that are capable of manipulating certain cargo freight. In the latest articled released by Material Handling and Logistics News, they explain how Uber-like technology works for freight and where it falls short. While increasingly […]

Supply Chain and Sustainability

Writing in Inbound Logistics and referencing a pair of McKinsey studies, Sandra Beckwith notes increasing emphasis on Sustainability by CEOs. She then goes on to discuss a range of supply chain sustainability initiatives including packaging (waste) reduction, carbon emissions cuts via transportation efficiencies, solar power and storm water runoff.  The article concludes with 5 steps […]

A Fiercely Competitive Talent Market

Wills Moore from Korn Ferry writes about the shortage of talent needed to fuel continued growth in e-commerce. He notes in particular a competency known as “Learning Agility” – the ability to draw on previous experience and successfully apply it to new situations / challenges. As the pace of change marches inexorably faster, […]

SVCC’s Riti Patel Awarded Fulbright Scholarship

We are very pleased to announce that SVCC Administrative Assistant Riti Patel was recently awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue graduate studies and work in Mexico City, Mexico. As information, the Fulbright program is offered through the Department of State and offers merit-based grants for international educational exchange for students, scholars, teachers, professionals, scientists and […]

Better Practices for College Recruiting

The July/August issue of Supply Chain Management Review is designated the “Talent Issue” and contains a number of articles related to attracting, retaining, and developing talent. As a supplement to the print issue, they run a number of shorter, related articles on-line. Harry Haney from the Supply & Value Chain Center at Loyola University Chicago […]

Supply Chain Drives Enterprise Profitability

Daphne Howland on retaildive.com writes about how Inditex’ supply chain is a key enabler in the organization’s profitability. Specifically she notes that by controlling more of their supply chain than their peers, they can get smaller batches to the shelves faster, mitigating losses from excess inventory due to weather changes.

-Harry Haney, Assistant Director, Supply & […]

Unintended Consequences in Conflict Mineral Rules

Lindsay Macgregor, writing in Online Sourcing Journal notes that the now 3 year old rules on reporting conflict mineral usage are actually hurting the companies they were intended to help. These minerals, including tin, tantalum, gold, and tungsten are widely used in the fashion industry and the rules require reporting if they came […]

Supply Chain Risk Management – GM’s Lessons Learned from Natural Disasters

Andrew Colias writes in Auto News how the impact of the April earthquake in Japan was far less damaging than it could have been as a result of what GM learned and implemented following the 2011 earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. The tools include a 5:30am weekly global conference call to review and mitigate […]

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John is the Director of the Supply & Value Chain Center at Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business, where he is also an Executive Lecturer on Global Supply Chain Management courses in the Executive MBA, MBA and MSSCM Programs. John previously was the Vice President and National Practice Leader of Global Supply Chain Strategy for The Revere Group, an NTT Data company and previously held the position of Senior Vice President, Chief Logistics and Operations Officer for Peapod, Inc., where he was responsible for distribution services, inventory management, purchasing, transportation management, logistics engineering and customer service. John has held senior management positions with the following companies: Rand McNally, RR Donnelley & Sons and Ryder Integrated Logistics. He is a frequent speaker at various events and has been quoted and published in numerous publications.