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Wal-Mart testing new Technology


Olga Kharif writes in Bloomberg about Walmart’s test of new technology to facilitate cold chain tracking. Blockchain is a distributed ledger that allows the handoffs which occur in the supply chain (from grower to distributor to retail store) to record transactions, providing enhanced tracing and tracking abilities. Should the need for a recall […]

Patagonia threads the needle of Economic and Environmental Sustainability

Tara Donaldson writes in Sourcing Journal of how Patagonia balances sometimes conflicting goals of cost and sustainability.  The key is determining what the consumer is willing to pay for – and sometimes that means investing in raising awareness to demonstrate the value.

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Harry Haney. Associate Director, Supply […]

The future of Trucking: Transformation or Business as Usual

Jeff Ward and Andrés Mendoza Pena, both from A.T.Kearney, journey through four potential scenarios depending on the extent of technology adoption and government regulation. The authors posit that “Whatever scenario emerges, the successful transportation company of tomorrow will not look like the competitors of today: it will be more digital, connected, automated, responsive, customer-oriented, innovative, […]

Gartner’s Top 25: Lessons from the Leaders

Supply Chain 24-7 reviews Gartner’s latest research on the best supply chains. Beyond just rankings they also highlight 5 common characteristics of the leaders and 3 industry trends.

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Harry Haney. Associate Director, Supply and Value Chain Center

How Cubs Championship hats got to stores the next day

Kim Bhasin tells a great story in Bloomberg about how hat maker New Era coupled an age-old inventory strategy (postponement) with a forward-deployed workforce that started work immediately after the final out in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Harry Haney. Associate Director, Supply and Value Chain Center

The New Tesla

 Companies are eager to provide excellent service to their customers and it seems that supply chain automation is the answer. Some companies like Tesla Motors have decided that people are no longer necessary in the production line. To put it differently, they do not wish to “drop their production to people speed”

A DHL Perspective

DHL has piloted vision picking to drive the next wave of supply chain innovation that simplifies operations. With the “Vision Picking Programme”, this company utilizes advanced smart glasses to determine what needs to go where in a trolley. As a result, error rates will get reduced enabling a faster and more accurate order picking. The long term […]

Why Nike is the best strategic player?

Nike, which is the world’s leading designer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel and accessories,has become the game changer of the sport industry. This brand has been successful because they have stayed true to their mission by “continually creating quality products for athletes with a focus on making them better”. They also have spent a […]

Macy’s- Drop in Sales

The retail shopping landscape is changing and Macy’s is now facing a wave of store closures (1oo stores). Sears, Kohl’s and Ralph Lauren are some of the many companies who are trying to compete online retailers.

After six quarters of dropping sales, Macy’s Inc. is attempting to explore new ways to save money by joining potential […]

Trucking vs Uber

Digital Freight Matching, also known as DFM, has been used by most companies as a digital platform to match shippers with carriers that are capable of manipulating certain cargo freight. In the latest articled released by Material Handling and Logistics News, they explain how Uber-like technology works for freight and where it falls short. While increasingly […]

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