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Rambler Investment Fund Pitches

On 12/13/16, the Rambler Investment Fund’s analysts pitched their security research reports for the semester rebalance. This round saw some of the most interesting pitches yet. The pitches included Antero Resources , Facebook, Ambac Financial, a Corn Futures ETF ($CORN), Lululemon Athletica, a Yen Currency ETF ($FXY), Terra Tech Corporation, and an Australian and New […]

The Xchange

Welcome to the Xchange a forum to discuss and share ideas on current events, and trends in data analytics and pertinent technology. We hope you will find the discussions insightful, and stimulating.

In a universe trending more towards digitization and automation big data has been described as the new oil boom, the new gold rush or […]

About this blog

The Xchange is a forum for students, faculty, and business professionals to share activities, ideas, reviews, and comments on the analytics industry and the Quinlan CME Group Foundation Business Analytics Lab.