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Alumni Profile – Ben Gruber

The Xchange profile feature series explores in this blog the success story of a recent alumna who gained a unique and competitive opportunity at William Blair, a global investment banking and asset management firm in Chicago. Ben shares his experience at Loyola University and advice for students pursuing a similar career path.

Name: Ben Gruber

Current […]

Rambler Investment Fund: Crypto

Brief History of Crypto & the “Blockchain”

In late 1992, a small group of individuals from the San Francisco Bay Area with backgrounds in cryptography and computer programming, who would later be dubbed the “Cypherpunks”, began meeting on a monthly basis. To cut a long story short, the Cypherpunks collaborative projects would form the foundation of […]

The Future of Healthcare: Community Health Assessment Done Right

A network visually depicting how community input

becomes meaningful health assessments.


Currently there is a problem in the way organizations assess and implement decisions to improve the health of communities.  Scarce resources such as government funding are not allocated efficiently. Overall, the community does not receive the help that they truly need […]

Big Data for Social Justice


To kick-off summer, the CME Group Business Analytics Lab provided mentoring and professional guidance to students who participated in the First Year Research Experience (FYRE). Undergraduate, graduate and Loyola faculty spent three weeks conducting research and experiments on various topics ranging from app development to genome sequencing research. Kajal […]

Student Profile: Richard Osty

Name: Richard Osty

Major: Finance, Minor: Asian Studies

Expected Graduation Year: 2017

Dream Job: Creating innovative financial solutions

How has the BA Lab helped with your major?

The Business Analytics lab has helped me explore my intellectual curiosity within finance and asset management in particular. I have had access to industry standard technology, platforms, and resources to aid my learning process.

What […]

Bloomberg Tips and Tricks 1

“Terminal Tips”

The Bloomberg Terminal, here in referred to as the “Terminal, is among the premier tools in the finance industry. What makes it special is the patchwork of functions that it is comprised of. These functions cover almost every area in finance and are extremely useful in conducting research on securities. That being said, mastering […]

ESG Company Ratings for Sustainability

Environmental, Social, and Governance Ratings for Sustainability Research

Integral to the CME Business Analytics lab’s mission, is enabling research work across multiple disciplines in areas such as finance, marketing, information systems, health, and management. A recent case in point is when a faculty member in the Management department reached out to the Business Analytics Lab. The […]

Market Analysis and Outlook for 2017

About RIF:

The Rambler Investments Fund is a well-established fund that works primarily in the Business Analytics Lab. The Fund began in 2015 when the university allocated a portion of the university’s endowment funds for the student managed investment fund under the guidance of Professor Todd.  Currently RIF is invested in a wide range of equities, […]

Alumni Profile: Trung Nguyen

Name: Trung Nguyen

Major: M.S. Finance

Graduation: 2016

Dream job: to work at a financial institution or financial services company that publishes financial advice regularly and be the one to overlook both the commentary aspect as well as the visual branding.

How has the Business Analytics Lab helped with your major?

Since my study was in Finance, nine out of […]

Student Profile: Franklin Angevine

The CME Group Foundation Business Analytics lab is the go-to place for many students, and faculty. Over time we will be profiling some of our very active users of the lab to share their experience, recommendations, and suggestions. Our very first student profile is someone who has been leveraging the lab resources to its full […]

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The Xchange is a forum for students, faculty, and business professionals to share activities, ideas, reviews, and comments on the analytics industry and the Quinlan CME Group Foundation Business Analytics Lab.