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Greece | Disaster Capitalism’s Disaster

Now that TieGate has thankfully ended, Alexis Tsipras and Yianis Varoufakis, fresh from unwittingly disparaging la cravate on their European roadshow, return to Athens to address the hopes of a nation they shoulder. World headlines may have strayed off message but the fanfare was an effervescent release for a nation that has borne media declarations […]

Meeting the Minister

In 2011 while preparing to deliver a TEDx talk in Athens, I recall thinking I had taken on a Herculean task in addressing the topic of hope in the most hopeless country in Europe. Until I saw the title of the speaker directly before me. Yianis Varoufakis delivered an address entitled “A Modest Proposal for […]

Götterdämmerung 2015

I’ve never been a fan of Wagner so I surprise even myself assigning the final cycle of his epic opera Der Ring des Nibelungen as the most fitting anthem for 2015. In Norse mythology, the opera refers to a prophesized war among beings and Gods, resulting in the violent destruction and renewal of the world. […]

The Campaign Victory That Wasn’t

If elections are indeed the laboratory of democracy, the midterms proved that with enough time, money and the right message, a political victory of mysticism can overcome empiricism. The costliest midterm elections in American history subjected a polarized, dejected and fatigued electorate to almost $4 billion of campaign spending aimed at persuading a historically small […]

Life is the Career

August is a teacher’s first bell, gently urging the transition from summer indulgences to fall preparations.  I love the first day of fall term from which I draw a deep sense of renewal and promise.  But this year my earnest anticipation is tempered by the burdens facing students in particular and the Academy in general. The […]

It’s Always Sunni in Iraq

As I enter the Loyola blogosphere I find myself deeply immersed in the unfolding Middle East tragedy, where Mission Accomplished has taken on a whole new meaning.  If by mission accomplished the US meant to destabilize the Middle East at the dawn of the 21st century, then, yes that mission has been accomplished. Post 9|11 […]

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In the spirit of the ancient community, The Polis is devoted to exploring the synergies between politics, technology, economics, and culture on a global stage. And dedicated to engendering a conversation that evolves 20th century paradigms in order to address 21st century problems.