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Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Madelyn Cruz

The Quinlan Ramble trip was an amazing experience from all aspects. The trip not only gave me the opportunity to learn about my future career path, but also expanded my perspective regarding the multi-functional aspects of being a professional in the finance sector. The experiences that I have gained through this program allowed me to […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Oleg Pitchuk

After spending the previous spring break working back home, going on the Quinlan Ramble to New York City this spring was not only a welcome change of scenery, but also one of the coolest experiences I have had so far during my time at Loyola. I would like to thank Alex, Chelsea, Meghan, Dean Stevens […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Lourdes Guzmán Sánchez

As a Dual Business Degree student from Loyola Andalucía University in Spain, I felt like part of a big family during the Quinlan Ramble trip to New York City. Finding out that I was not the only international student on the trip reinforced one of the reasons why I love Loyola: its diversity. El Salvador, […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Alejandra Jimenez

New York City, one place that now has two facets in my mind, pre-Ramble and post-Ramble. I’ve had the privilege of visiting the Big Apple on several occasions in the past. Visiting mainly for leisure, NYC always left me with the same impression, fast-paced, vibrant, but very intimidating. So when I heard this year’s Quinlan Ramble […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Tessie Cheryl Li Ruo Lin

For the past few years, the Quinlan Ramble has been known for attracting the strangest of weathers. Living up to its reputation, this year’s trip to NYC experienced all types of temperature. While we enjoyed a couple of extremely sunny days, we also shivered and huddled like penguins as snow covered the city in white […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Merrilee McHugh

I was extremely excited to get chosen to go on the Ramble to New York trip for the Quinlan School of Business. In preparation for the trip we started recommending companies we would like to see in New York and I researched potential companies that I would like to work at someday. During the trip, I […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Lina Lee Li Qui Chu

The Quinlan Ramble is a life-changing experience and I’ve had the golden opportunity of having my life changed twice. Thanks to the incredible Alex See, I was able to attend another Quinlan Ramble this year. Being the returner on this trip has definitely been enriching in ways that have changed me as a leader. As […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Peyton Maddern

Being able to experience the business world first hand, rather than just read about it, was an unbelievably incredible opportunity. To be given one of the sixteen spots in the Quinlan Ramble to New York Program did not only give me a better understanding of the business world, but also gave me the confidence to […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Marin Kusaku

I hate to say it as a Chicago raised individual, but New York takes the cake on the Pizza.  There are far too many shops to try all sorts of crazy style pizza or stick to your basics.  Going to New York for the first time, I was astonished by the city and all that […]

Quinlan Ramble Reflection- Nicholas Verbeck

New York, the Big Apple, the center of the universe, is one amazing and breathtaking city that I have been craving to visit and explore for the longest time. The Quinlan Ramble not only gave me the experience of visiting such a great city, but it also gave me an entire new group of friends […]

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Launched in 2014, the Quinlan School of Business offers an alternative spring break trip to another US city for our undergraduate students . Students have the opportunity to connect with Quinlan alumni, get an inside look at corporate titans, and see what it's like to be part of the business community outside of the Chicagoland area.