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Recalls, is it the root cause or symptom of change in pharma industry? By Niyati Mehta – GSB Stdudent

In this entry, guest blogger Niyati Mehta shares her insights about a personal experience while working at a major pharmaceutical company. Niyati is currently a full-time MBA student at Loyola University Chicago.  Prior to joining Loyola, I worked for three and half years in a Manufacturing Plant as a Process Engineer for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Being […]

The definition of “Green” is getting a face-lift. By Lauren McClean – GSB Student

I’m happy to share the thoughtful ideas of another guest blogger, Lauren McClean.  Lauren is in her first year in the MBA program at Loyola. In her very spare free time she enjoys exploring all that Chicago has to offer with her trusty sidekick, Knuckles, her 2 year old golden retriever.

The definition of “Green” […]

You IN, You are OUT! By GSB Student Eunmi Choi

A warm welcome to our next guest blogger, Ms. Eunmi Choi. Eunmi is currently pursuing a dual degree of an MBA, with a concentration in Management, and a Master in Science of Information System Management (Candidate of 2011).  She is a president of Net Impact (Loyola University Chicago Graduate School of Business Chapter). Net Impact […]

Over harvesting our oceans. Should we stop eating seafood? By GSB student Jeff Roberts

I am delighted to welcome our Guest Bloggers to N.B.—thank you for your participation!  Our first guest blog is written by GSB student Jeff Roberts, who comments, “I’m am soon to graduate from Loyola’s MBA program with an emphasis in Risk Management.  MGMT 472 is a great class to take me […]

Coming Soon…Guest Bloggers (my MBA students)

One of the best parts of being a university faculty member is the daily interaction I have with smart, talented, insightful people—my students (and most of my colleagues are pretty interesting, too :-).  Indeed, an effective learning process should be reciprocal, with faculty learning from students just as students are learning from faculty.  Students are […]

Our School of Business Focus on Sustainability

You may have seen the buzzwords of “corporate social responsibility” and “business ethics” before.  As the “Good Intentions” article (The Wall Street Journal, February 3, 2010) referenced here illustrates, these issues are part of “global business sustainability”: looking “at a company’s survival and future success in a world of limited resources.”  This reading provides a […]

Which Course Topics Should We Study?

Most School of Business Administration faculty work hard to keep their courses relevant and challenging.  Thus, in addition to covering discipline-specific knowledge, we also incorporate topics reflecting current issues in the business world.  One important goal: to illustrate how we at Loyola integrate responsible business leadership with our Jesuit focus on transformative education.

One of the […]

Preparing for the Fall Quarter: The Faculty Perspective

As you are looking ahead to the next academic year, so are our School of Business Administration faculty.  You may not know that in general, SBA professors spend about three hours of time outside the classroom preparing for every hour we spend teaching inside the classroom.  So, a typical 3-hour evening class needs at least […]

How We Spend Our Summer Months

As students, we’ve all had to complete this assignment at some point, as we’ve transitioned from summer’s lazy days into the fast pace of the new school year.  So what do teachers do during the summer? For most of Loyola’s School of Business Administration professors, the months of May through […]

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Welcome to Anne Reilly's blog. Dr. Reilly is a Professor in the Management Department. She also serves as Loyola's Assistant Provost and Director of Faculty Administration. * N.B.: abbreviation for Nota Bene, a Latin phrase used to indicate that special attention should be paid to something