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Women in Family Business: Making Connections

In anticipation of the annual Women’s Event on Thursday, February 11, we wanted to introduce our hosts and ask them a few questions that pertain to family business, their challenges throughout their career, and what they have done to become strong and confident leaders in the workplace.

Lindsey Malpass-Skop (G5), EJ

Lindsey is currently one of five, […]

Myths and Mortals: A NextGen Conference Recap

As a successor, there are plenty of other things you have to worry about. One of the biggest is the successor’s curse-where failures are often magnified in comparison to the predecessors, and their successes aren’t seen as their own. At our NxG Leaders and Excellence Conference, our very own Andrew Keyt spoke about the successor […]

Decoding Next Generation Leaders: Takeaways from Current Successors

NextGens bond over refreshments and experiences at City Winery. Photo by Glenn Kaupert.

In anticipation of this Thursday’s NxG Social and the NxG Leaders and Excellence conference on October 1st, we wanted to introduce our Event Hosts and ask them a few questions on NextGen succession, career challenges, and what they think is important for NowGens […]

Guidelines for Succession

Changes in management are often met with a number of obstacles. In order for the transition to be successful, it is important that your family business knows how to adapt. A change in management isn’t just inevitable—it’s essential for the success and continuity of a family-owned business. This is why succession planning is so important. […]

Building Resilience within Your Family Business

Last month the FBC, in conjunction with FBN-NA, hosted a conference: From Risk to Resilience. Our speakers touched upon many topics relating to risk management in a family business. Froma Walsh, PhD, shared insights on what it means to build resiliency in a family business, and how to approach a crisis as an opportunity to […]

Risky Business: Protecting Your Family Business from a Cyber-Attack

This blog post is inspired by a FBN-NA webinar, Cyber Threats: Could Your Family Be Hacked? The speaker of the webinar, Edouard Thijssen, highlighted important things you should know about cyber security, and we figured we’d share them with you. 

A cyber-attack is an attempt by hackers to damage or destroy a computer, computer system or electronic communications network. Identity […]

Empowering Women in Family Business

In anticipation of this Thursday’s annual Women’s Networking Event, we wanted to introduce our Event Hosts and ask them a few questions on family business, career challenges, and what they think it takes for women to become stronger, more confident leaders in the workplace.


Michelle McCaskey (G4), Chicago Bears
Michelle has spent most of her career in […]

Three Pitfalls of Conflict Resolution

Family businesses deal with challenges that every other business must face on a daily basis. However, unlike non-family run companies, family businesses must also deal with family issues that can make difficult business matters even more complex. For this reason, it’s especially important to watch out for the three pitfalls that undermine healthy conflict resolution: […]

In-laws in the Family Business: Using an Accountability Matrix to Integrate In-laws into the Business

In-laws can provide more benefits to the family business than one may think. In our previous blog post about in-laws, we discussed how to improve relations between in-laws and family members. In this post, I’m going to get specific and talk about how to use an accountability matrix as a tool to analyze an in-law’s […]

In-laws in the Family Business: Changing the Dynamics of In-Law Relationships

Generally speaking, many would agree that marriage is associated with feelings of happiness, love, devotion, and commitment. However, within a family business, wedding bells can sound less like a celebration and more like a warning. There’s no doubt that marriage is critical to the continuity of a family business and the parenting of future generations. […]

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