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Governance Institute: A Participant’s Perspective

We recently spoke to FBC Member and Governance Institute participant, Rebecca Peterson (Sasser Family Holdings) and asked her to share with us what it’s like to be enrolled in the Governance Institute.  Rebecca and her family business classmates (pictured above) are about halfway through their program and will graduate in June 2018.  Check out her take […]

Illinois Family Business of the Year Awards: Winners and Finalists Announced!

Our Honorees’ Breakfast was held this past Friday to celebrate the Winners and Finalists (both past and present) of the Illinois Family Business of the Year Awards.  Attendees had a chance to network with one another and meet representatives from our partner organizations to talk about a number of important topics relevant to both their […]

The “3rd Chapter”: Writing Your Legacy with Edward Monte

As you enter the “3rd Chapter” of life, you will begin to polish the legacy you’ll leave within your family business. At our Legacy Conference on September 29, Edward Monte, Ph.D, will discuss how embrace this phase and make each moment count. Get a preview of his insights here:



What challenges do family businesses face when exploring the […]

Encore Careers: Strengths, Challenges, and Passions with Bruce Boyd

You’ve built a legacy within your business. Now what? For Bruce Boyd, the next step was pursing an “encore career” that explored new sectors and new passions. Read below for his insights on these transitions and a sneak peek of his session at our Legacy Conference on September 29!



How did you find courage to leave the day-to-day […]

Shifting Gears: Leadership Transition and Legacy with FK Day

What happens to your legacy when you transition from your family business to a new venture? We asked FK Day, one of the speakers for our Legacy Conference on September 29, how he shifted from his leadership position at SRAM to founder of World Bicycle Relief. Check out our interview below to see how core values and […]

StoryPower: Your Hidden Heritage with Judith Kolva

Our Legacy Conference is one month away, and we have a great group of speakers ready to share their insights on legacy in the family and business. We asked Judith Kolva to give us a sneak peek into her session, StoryPower: Your Hidden Heritage. Read her post below on the value of storytelling and what […]

FBC Home Videos | Jude Rake

Did you miss our most recent conference on culture in family business? Check out a quick clip of Jude Rake, one of our speakers from the event, as he talks about some insight into why culture in family business is important.

7 Reasons to Enroll in the NxG Leadership Institute

Our Next Generation Leadership Institute is kicking-off in 3 weeks (May 5-6)!  For those of you who might be hesitant about taking the plunge or need to know more about the benefits of enrolling, we pulled together a list of reasons — check ’em out below and start filling out that application!

NGLI […]

Tools for Overcoming Conflict: An Interview with Debra Horberg

Debra Horberg spoke at our most recent conference, Deconstructing Conflict in the Family Business, and we recently sat down with her for an interview.  We talked to her about some of her challenges as a family business mediator, advice on navigating conflict within the family, and ways to mediate conflict within the family business. Read below to hear what […]

Conflict in Family Business: Building Unity with Heidi Vermeer Quist

Heidi Vermeer-Quist spoke at our most recent conference, Deconstructing Conflict in the Family Business, and we recently sat down with her for an interview.  We asked her some questions about her challenges as a family business leader, advice on navigating conflict within the family, and ways to build communication and unity. Read below to hear Heidi’s great […]

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