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The Nature of Lying

Whether you are a supporter or a critic of Mr. Trump, an undeniable reality is that Mr. Trump often confuses fact and fiction, opinion and objectivity, truth and non-truths. So, in the hopes of achieving political and philosophical clarity the following is on the nature of lying. I hope this helps!

Lying, to lie, to tell […]

Christmas Book Bag

Contrary to popular belief, books make great Christmas presents. Books last longer than wine, brandy, or candy. They are a vicarious way to travel the world, time, or space! Books can entertain, enlighten, engage and delight us. They are able to produce tears, laughter, joy, and/or sorrow. Sure, giving a book is always a bit […]

Drucker On Leadership

Peter F. Drucker has been hailed as a guru and a sage. According to best-selling management author Jim Collins, “there are two ways to change the world: with the pen (the use of ideas) and with the sword (the use of power). Drucker chose the pen.” In a career that spanned nearly 70 years, Drucker […]

Labor Day


It can be argued that notwithstanding the 4th of July and Thanksgiving – that Labor Day is the one true American holiday. Oh yes, on July 4th we celebrate our freedom and on Thanksgiving, a celebration of our pioneer survival in the New World. But Labor Day is the celebration of generations and generations of […]

Gini in a Bottle: 2018 Summer Book Bag

Summer is almost upon us! That means a change in the seasons, vacation plans, and compiling a list of books to read on the beach, on a plane or just in the backyard. Every summer I offer a few of my favorites for your perusal and consideration. If you don’t like this summer selections check […]

Old Age Ain’t No Place for Sissies!


Blogs are theoretically supposed to be well reasoned tightly constructed, personalized essays on a specific matter or topic. I think the bulk of my blogs over the years have conformed to this paradigm.

This time, however, I want to offer you something slightly different.

What I’m posting here is the script that I prepared for a radio […]

To Blog or Not To Blog

To play on a phrase from Shakespeare: “To blog or not to blog! That is the question!” Why do I do it? Why do so many of us do it?

Is it because technology makes it easy to do?
Is it because we are exercising our democratic right to “free speech”?
Is it because we have something really […]

Gini’s Christmas Book Bag

Ah, it’s the holiday season! Time to think about buying Christmas presents! Books, I think, make a perfect present for those we like and love. They also are our great gifts to buy for ourselves! Here’s a few books I’ve recently read and loved. Enjoy!


David Litt, Thanks Obama

David Litt graduated from college and somehow wound […]

Enough Already!

I can’t take any more bad news and bad headlines: “Houston Underwater”; “Hurricanes in Florida”; “Earthquakes in Mexico City”; “Puerto Rico’s Infrastructure Destroyed”; “Tropical Storm Nate to Hit New Orleans”; “Racial Hatred in Myanmar”; “North Korea tests H-Bomb”; “58 Dead in Las Vegas”. And the list goes on and on!


Catastrophe, tragedy, madness, murder, compound/complex political […]

Why We Need More Humor in Our Lives

“The true purpose of humor (is) to help people cope with the fears and horrors of the world.”

– Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele


I have been lucky enough to have had a very special person in my life, my Uncle Joe. Every time I saw him he would put his arms around me […]

About this blog

Al Gini is a Professor of Business Ethics in the Department of Management in the Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University Chicago. He serves as the “Resident Philosopher” on WGN Radio, and is the author/editor of twelve books. His latest book is entitled: The Importance of Being Funny: Why We Need More Jokes in Our Lives, 2017.