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Lessons Being Learned By An Aging Boomer Generation: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The post war “Baby Boomers” are about 72 million strong. They are children of the “Greatest Generation”, the generation who survived the Depression and saved the world during WWII. Boomers are, as a group: the best educated, the most prosperous; the healthiest; most mortgaged (homes, cars, credit cards); most addicted (drugs, alcohol, shopping); most divorced; [...]

Catholic Education and Assimilation


(Note to the Reader:  The following is a presentation I prepared for Loyola’s Italian/American Studies Program.  It’s a bit longer than my usual blogs, but I thought you might find it worthwhile.)

I remember my very first day of school in 1949.  There were exactly sixty of us Sister Edna’s class.  We all sat in uncomfortable [...]

Summer Book Bag 2014

Summer Book Bag

Al Gini

Quinlan School of Business

Loyola University Chicago

            It’s almost summer time!  And in summer, time seems to slow down a bit.  If we’re lucky, we get to take a vacation.  Or maybe, just sit on the front porch or in the back yard and relax, recharge, and read [...]

Pope Francis on Leadership


There is no denying the fact that, Pope Francis has become an international cultural icon and role model.  Time dubbed him “Person of the Year” for 2013.  He has been featured as the cover story in America’s “hip” entertainment magazine, Rolling Stone.  The BBC has called him a “superstar”.  International media watchers claim that he [...]

Fail Your Way To Success

Success is never nearly entirely a matter of luck.  Success requires, at the very least, a medium of competence, commitment, effort, and energy.  But, being a grinder is not enough.  Having passion is no guarantee either.  There is no formula, no algorithm for success.  Malcolm Gladwell’s mantra of repeating your efforts 10,000 times, works for [...]

Yet Another Formula For Happiness

January is finally over!  The holidays are in the rearview mirror!  The resolutions we’ve made have failed or have long since been forgotten. Depending on whose statistics you embrace, 90% of all resolutions fail 60% in the first 3 days!

            On reflection, what are these resolutions about?  What are they all after?  What are they [...]


The death of Nelson Mandela is a great loss, but his life has been a great gift to the world.  He leaves us with a legacy and a message that we dare not forget or overlook.  According to one of his major biographies, Richard Stengel, Mandela had only one ideological/political goal: “Equal rights for all, [...]

Christmas Book Bag 2013

Christmas is a time for family and friends.  It’s a time for celebration and spiritual reflection.  It’s also a time for gift giving.  I’ve celebrated enough Christmases to know that gift giving is an art form.  The problem is there is no “one” gift that satisfies the taste and interests of all the individuals on [...]


Until the Millenniums came along, the Baby Boomers were America’s the largest demographic group.  Many of these folks saw themselves as the heirs of “Woodstock” and “The Age of Aquarius”.  Boomers are the best educated, healthiest, most mortgaged, most pampered, wealthiest, most rebellious, most cynical, most work addicted generation ever.  My father and grandfather’s generation [...]


Aristotle once said: “We do not learn ethics from reading a treatise on virtue.  We learn ethics through the witness of others.”

This quote applies directly to both ethics and leadership, and it specifically applies to leadership and the growing millennial workforce.  I believe Millennials don’t like to be told, ordered, or required to behave, perform, [...]

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Al Gini is a Professor of Business Ethics and Chair of the Department of Management at Loyola University Chicago. He is also the cofounder and Associate Editor of Business Ethics Quarterly, and serves as the Resident Philosopher on National Public Radio’s Chicago affiliate, WBEZ-FM. Dr. Gini is the author of several books, including Seeking The Truth of Things (ACTA, 2010).