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Quinlan Ramble to Los Angeles – CBS and The Los Angeles Times

Morgan Ransom ’22
Major: International Business, minor in Chinese Language and Culture

As a child, I dreamt of being a journalist, telling the stories of my community and searching for the truth in all things. As you could imagine, that dream came true on our visits to CBS and LA Times. Walking through the various sets at CBS and listening to our guide, Sean Gallitz, producer and digital journalist of CBS walk us through, we were all in awe. Sean was gracious enough to come out to LA to show us around and answer any of our questions while covering the campaign trail. As someone who is very interested in journalism and the access to news, being able to chat with Sean about his work and impact, especially in such a tumultuous time, was quite literally a dream come true. His wisdom and expertise in the field, while not entirely business-centered, I know was extremely beneficial for us all.

Our insight into the world of mass media didn’t stop there. After arriving at the LA Times, we were taken through the printing process by Daryll, who had been working at the Times for 30 years! We asked him about the evolution of the printing, and how they have evolved with technological advancements. Listening to the improvements and changes that the Times is going through from a business perspective is very interesting. I am very excited to see how they will continue to evolve with the recent purchase of the company by the quote-on-quote ‘benevolent billionaire’ Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, who has already hired 200 reporters that are on the ground reporting local news.