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The First 100 Days!

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The First 100 Days!


It goes without saying that the recent American presidential campaign of 2016 was, to be assured, a fascinating spectacle. Although the actual voting occurred in November of 2016, the actual campaign kicked off in 2013! At one point there were 14 Republicans seeking their party’s nomination and three Democrats. As we all know by now, eventually it was whittled down to a “no holds barred” battle between H. Clinton and D. Trump.

Let’s be honest, as a nation – no matter what your particular political predilections – many of us were surprised, if not shocked, by Mr. Trump’s victory!

Putting aside my political biases, the simple fact is Mr. Trump is now President Trump, and I just want to make a few comments on his first few weeks on the job.

Let’s start off with what is the biggest shock to me. Different from most politicians, Mr. Trump has surprised the nation in his first few weeks by doing exactly what he said he was going to do! Imagine that, a politician keeping his/her word! What a concept! He laid out a number of promised plans and actually did them. He penned presidential directives that he said he was going to write. He gave orders to change administrative policy and tactics. He gave orders to, at least, temporarily changing our admission policy into the country. He fired, as he pledged to do, anyone who would not or could not embrace his directives. He appointed exactly the kinds of people he said he was going to appoint.

Look, I’m not saying I agree with his politics or programs. Nor do I think that he has the demeanor and gravitas for the office. But he is logical, goal oriented, determined and dogged in his pursuit of his vision of the presidency.

As a student of leadership, the history of presidency has clearly demonstrated to me that there is often a large gap between what a leaders says and promises to do and what they actually do. Mr. Trump is clearly, at least so far, an exception to the rule!

Frankly, you might not like what he’s doing, but Mr. Trump is fulfilling what Harry Truman considered to be essence and heart of leadership. “Leaders do not sit on their butts! Leaders act! Leaders try to get something done! Leaders keep their word!” Believe it or not, no one, save Franklin D. Roosevelt ever did more in his first days and weeks on the job.

Now, from my point of view, if I can only get Mr. Trump to do something that I think is really worth doing!

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