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Student Profile: Franklin Angevine

The CME Group Foundation Business Analytics lab is the go-to place for many students, and faculty. Over time we will be profiling some of our very active users of the lab to share their experience, recommendations, and suggestions. Our very first student profile is someone who has been leveraging the lab resources to its full extend. You can find him in the lab almost every day, starting early in the day and including many weekends.

Name: Franklin Angevine

Major: Finance

Expected Graduation Year: December 2017

Dream Job: Portfolio Manager

How has the BA Lab helped with your major?

Definitely utilizing Bloomberg and the excel add-ins have been very helpful. Also using Bloomberg in conjunction with R Studio.

What do you like most about the lab and why?

Yeah, It is pretty much a place everybody gets together and you can throw out a lot of ideas. It is an area for discussion and friendly collaborations that is nice. I also love RIF (Rambler Investment Fund) which is the student-run global macroeconomic fund that I help run here. That is an awesome way to get involved here in The Lab and is definitely a way to get hands on immediately.

What is missing in the lab you wished you had?

Maybe just more financial databases would be nice.

Are you currently interning/working in a field that requires analytics? If yes how has the lab helped prepare you?

Yes I currently work at DSC Quantitative Group; yes the lab has definitely helped me, going back to R studio and Bloomberg. I use those basically everyday at work. I had it one my resume and I do think that knowing how to utilize this software got me the job I am at.

Is there anything you like to share with prospective students, parent or even current students who haven’t been in the lab before?

Don’t be afraid to come back and talk to Professor Harfoush, bounce ideas back and forth on really anything. He can help you get set up with Bloomberg and introduce you to the other programs on the computer. Really explore Tableau, R Studio and all resources available.


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