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Taking a Summer Course Online

A groups of 25 undergraduates and I are approaching the end of our compressed 8-week summer online Marketing 201 course. For some, this process is familiar, while others are experiencing the virtual classroom for the first time. During the regular school term, undergraduate education at Loyola Chicago and the Quinlan School specifically is face-to-face and interactive. But online courses during summers and J-term were created to give students some geographic and scheduling flexibility.

Despite their job and family responsibilities and the tempting summer weather and vacations, these students have worked hard.  They diligently completed online homework assignments, read their text, took scheduled online tests, and prepared and led class discussions on cases.

I have enjoyed getting to know these lively undergrads. Most I have not met in person, but I have gotten to know them through their presentations and comments. A strange aspect of our relationship is that if I met them on campus,  I need to hear their voices to recognize them.  I hope each one stops by my office in the fall term so that we can meet in person.

I have been teaching this course online for several iterations.  Of most interest are student reactions to the experience.  Following are their comments, which may help others to decide if they want to go down a similar path in the future.

Mary Ann

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