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9 days to go

As I begin to say “farewell” to friends before I head to the John Felice Rome Center, I was asked about why I decided to study abroad as well as any apprehensions I may have. I thought I would share my answer with all of you.

There isn’t a single event that triggered me to study abroad, but there were many influences. Whether it was traveling growing up, or having friends gloat about the wonderful things about Rome, I thought that this was my opportunity, and possibly my only one, to spend a period of time abroad. With Loyola having a campus in Rome, it made my decision much easier.

I had to think hard about any anxieties I have before I leave. It is a tough question. I have been eager for months to begin my adventure abroad and never had any glaring personal roadblocks that would make me not want to go. I’ve been abroad on several occasions, and while I wasn’t necessarily anxious, there were some challenges. After discussing with a friend about the ‘mellow’ Italian culture, I realized I might get frustrated with the change of pace. I’m accustomed to the hustle-and-bustle pace of Chicago – different from Rome where a bus might never be on time, or even show up. I’ll just have to learn to keep my cool.

I hope to keep you all updated with my last few days in America, and first impressions as I arrive to begin my semester. Thanks for coming along with me!


  • By Alex See on 8.20.2014 at 11:22 am

    So excited for you! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

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