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How B2B Companies are Turning to B2C Strategies

For as long as I can remember B2B strategies and functions were looked at and treated very differently than B2C practices. This mind set is changing as more and more organizations that are B2B are seeing that their customers are also individual consumers within a business. The same way a B2C sells to individual customers, the decision maker in a B2B is also an individual customer and should be treated that way. Perhaps the thought of a company that sells potatoes to a B2C does not sound very exciting to be marketed to a B2B customer. That is where many organization fail to see the opportunity and potential through treating their product/service as a unique solution to their customers who are thinking in a B2C mentality.

How this relates to supply chain is mainly through the marketing and integrated planning for the organization’s overall strategy. Part of selling to your customers is through showing them the transparency of your supply chain, how competitive the operation functions are compared to other organizations. Today, B2B companies are utilizing the internet and social channels to gain customers and even creating marketing campaigns targeting the “consumers” within the B2B; they are also moving towards mobile applications for business convenience. Personalizing and customizing the selling experience to a B2B customer is a function of B2C practices that B2B companies are adapting and building relationships through interaction and engagement with their clients.

In the end, the B2B customer is probably a B2C company and understanding their needs and their customers’ needs is key to gaining business. Providing a more sustainable supply chain to offer customers a better quality product that they will either be part of or a final product to the customer’s customer, means that the B2B company understands the true needs for their customers.

  • By Danielle on 7.2.2014 at 10:57 am

    Good points all around. I know there are some PR companies now that specialize in B2B communication. B2B has definitely been getting attention.

  • By Eric on 7.3.2014 at 10:25 am

    Marketing is a people’s business: that has not and will never change. A thorough understanding of the humans on the other end, whether it’s B2B or B2C is really the single most important thing at all times. It involves heavy research, cultural sensitivity, and good communications skills- and in the case of B2B, it will indeed trickle down to the ultimate consumers.

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