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The Supply Chain and its New Labor Demand

Today there is a gap in the supply chain labor force due to the increase in the need for more efficient supply chains. Although a challenge to be addressed, this is great news as more and more opportunities lie within the field of supply chain.

Think of the number of online stores that are emerging; Or existing stores that are turning to e-commerce. Behind the scenes lies a very complex supply chain and operations strategy to make sure that goods are stored and transported to the consumer. Not just delivered to the consumer, but delivered faster than another competitor can, putting more pressure on a supply chain efficiency; and that’s just the e-commerce business.

This means that there is a rise in domestic and local production lines, which is not the case, as many companies have their operations abroad but are shifting their business production lines back home. The tables have turned where it may be more cost effective to have local production, especially to maintain the competitive edge in time delivery. Resulting in more growth in the industry and demand for labor force.

That is why institutions are paying more attention in offering concentrations, training and centers in supply chain, and the Supply and Value Chain Center  is a living proof of this demand. Talent is needed to find solutions to these complex supply chain challenges to help companies in being more competitive.

How do you see the supply chain evolving in the next 10 years?

Props to the article below for bringing attention to this topic.





  • By Eric on 6.24.2014 at 11:25 am

    How encouraging! As we really get cranking into this next century, we will finally see the affects and realization of true globalization. The future as always, is difficult to predict, but it is wonderful to hear that the e-commerce market will create more locally-based manufacturing. It could be a great thing, across the globe.

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