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The Value Stream

Welcome to the Loyola’s Supply & Value Chain Center official Blog, “The Value Stream”, where we will be sharing our latest news within our center as well as everything Supply Chain!

So how did the Supply & Value Chain Center (SVCC) come together? With a passion for supply chain along with an expertise in the field and the curiosity to find ways to reach continuous improvement in the most sustainable way. The Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University Chicago is the mother of the Supply & Value Chain Center which is led by a team of faculty members with both the research and professional expertise within the field, in addition to industry leaders’ insights and the fresh and curious minds of Loyola’s students. The Supply & Value Chain Center aims,  To be the “go to” source for information and knowledge across all disciplines in the global supply and value chain”, which is our Mission Statement and ultimate goal.

In today’s global world of business, every supply chain in the world is changing and evolving to meet the needs of globalization. Before Lean Operations and Six Sigma, business operations and supply chain importance was not recognized and today, millions of dollars are saved due to efficiency, making it every company’s goal for competitive advantage.

How fast are you keeping up with the technology and what kind of technology is out there that you can utilize and improve? Not just efficiency of production, but communication throughout your different sites around the world? Are you dealing with your people in the right way? What soft skills do you need to introduce into your organization to improve overall performance? Are you considering all functions across your organization when forecasting and planning? How sustainable is your global supply chain? These are some questions that the Supply & Value Chain Center tries to help answer and where the primary focus of the center will be; Supply Chain Technology, Supply Chain Metrics, and Understanding Lean Implementation in Supply Chain.

In addition to our continuous research to analyze issues, find solutions and even support implementation, as one of the Supply & Value Chain Center’s main activities, here you will also learn more about learning opportunities offered by the center such as seminars, workshops, and other events. Not only that, but tune in for our many activities hosted by the center working directly with wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, service providers and retailers.

We look forward to share more with you and to seeing you in our future events. We hope that you will find this blog as an insightful source of our news and events outside of the Supply & Value Chain Center as well!

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