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Everyday on social media my eyes are subjected to life quotes of various kinds telling me to live more, love more, jump higher, take vitamins. Some people have JOBS where they’re paid to tweet out things like “Never give up!”. Oh Gosh how I wish they would. It’s true that some quotes are cute and others are oddly appropriate, but most reek of lives not lived, loves not squeezed, vitamins not chugged. And that’s okay I guess. Big changes, of which those quotes seem to be catering to, are big. They don’t always work out for the better. Sometimes you switch jobs only to be like “damnit..”. But if we’re not racing each other to the finish line (DEATH), then who cares? So you made a decision and regretted it and learned why. You really didn’t lose that much money I promise. And who cares about money anyway – it’s stupid. Plus, you always make it back. That experience is more valuable than if you had day-in/day-out trekked your way through the same snow to the same cubicle and typed on the same laptop waiting for happy hour. And even if you do have to crawl back to that job, tail between legs, only to see Jack’s annoying grin and Jill’s gossiping lips WHO CARES? Their opinion seems pretty darn moronic for you to be concerned with it anyway. You only live one YOLO.

I don’t think we talk about this fear enough. This fear of “oops”. In its world of silence it’s allowed to grow larger. Its power lies in its anonymity. I wish we interviewed entrepreneurs who failed miserably and went back to desk jobs. The anti-Bill Gateses. I bet they’re just as interesting with even more dirt to dish about. We love J.K. Rowling and Jewel (90’s shoutout!) for their risk-taking in the face of destitution. I wish we heard from defeated politicians who talked about why they’d do it all over again. Or directors of failed films who explained how working on really bizarre projects has its own blessings. So many people in my life don’t pull the trigger. I wish they would. We just end up talking, and talking and talkinggggg about every detail and possibility and idea until I finally realize – in the midst of saying “Do it! Just do it!” – that it’s never going to get donet. And truly my reaction is always “Ugh! fooled again!”. I have been tricked, once more, by the schmoozers. You are schmoozing me with your daydreams. You are wasting my time. You have a great idea, a well talked-through plan of action and people who agree that it’s a wonderful opportunity… so. pull. the. trigger. I mean, let’s real talk more, shall we?

So, real talk, I have an opportunity for you. And it’s amazing. I promise you will never be the same – in a good way. A whole new world will open itself up to you and you’ll finally see how things work when things don’t work but things kinda work. Have you ever lived inside a fault line? I have. Everything is slowly changing and not changing at all and sometimes changing a WHOLE LOT. Woah. You should get here.

Cambodia has this extensive expat community of like-minded people who are working for organizations in the environment, education, business and government sectors. Each area has a lot that needs to be done. I myself am in education and there is a demand for English-speaking business teachers that is not being met. If you are getting a Masters from Loyola you are more than qualified to lead a class in Phnom Penh at the National University of Management. These students… well… they will melt your heart. And both they and I would like you to join us in building the next generation of successful Khmer businessmen and women. It’s a paid position and only 4 months of your time. You would be working alongside me and molding the lives of 15 carefully selected kids in what is essentially an Honors program. There are so many more details I should tell you about. If you think you might be interested you can email me OR come to any of my three information sessions at Loyola in April, listed below. I need you to know that there is nothing better you could do for yourself.

Information Sessions:

Monday April 14th 5-6pm Corboy 207
Tuesday April 15th 9-10pm Corboy 105
Wednesday April 16th 5-6pm Corboy 205

email: kslattery1@luc.edu


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