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Patience is what I need now. I’m staying in a hotel for only a few more nights and finding an apartment before teaching begins on Monday is what I really want. Except that the apartments I’ve seen aren’t right and what I really need is a roommate. Apartment services are a joke. They’re out here trying to sell me a 1 bedroom for $1,000 a month and I’m like sure no problem, kid. I saw three on my own today (the better way to do it – walking around and calling numbers on For Rent signs) and each was slightly less depressing than the last, but still upwards of $700 for a one bedroom. It’s a weird market I’m existing in. They know I’ll cave and pay it because it’s in the expat neighborhood that I want and I know that apartment is maybe worth $250-300 — including the foreigner bump-up.
There are a bunch of international backpacker types here and if I could just find out where they’re all living or room with one of them life would be so much easier. The internet turns up little, though. Few people move here blind and solo like me. Most come associated with an organization that pairs them with co-workers or assists in arranging things before they even land. The streets are also a little confusing. Which ones are good and which ones are bad? They all kinda look the same but certain buildings are wrought with Kiwis and charging double. I assume they’re safer or have more amenities? And I know that if I just hang in there and wait a week or so I’ll meet a few more people who can give me the low-down on where to be and who to link up with. So patience is what I need. But that sure is cruel.
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