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One Night in Bangkok

One night in Bangkok — three nights, actually — and here are some quick impressions. Bangkok is a postmodern polyglot of people, brands, ideas, traditions, trends, marketing and consumption that bedazzles, amuses and amazes. More than 10 million people of all hues and stripes reside in Southeast Asia’s “City of Angels,” millions more visit annually.

Despite ongoing political turmoil, concern for the king’s health, global crises — financial and otherwise — Bangkok plows forward. In some respects, it seems to be the epicenter of globalization. Bangkok truly offers something for everyone.

The dynamism of this vibrant city reveals the seemingly endless promise of emerging markets, and more than a handful of their challenges. This reality became evident to 22 MBA students who were part of an immersion course, MARK 561, that included trips to Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap, as well as Bangkok. Readers may have some interest in student perspectives on Bangkok and the other ports of call, which can be found via this link: http://quinlantakesonsea.wordpress.com .

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