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Quinlan takes a leadership position in Supply Chain

This week, Loyola’s Quinlan School of Business announced the launch of the city’s first and only Supply and Value Chain Center.

The center, to be located at Loyola’s Water Tower Campus (820 N. Michigan Avenue), will provide a centralized venue for academics and industry leaders alike looking to network, share their insights, and produce cutting-edge research with immediate, practical implications for the discipline of supply and value chain management.

You can read the full story here.

  • By Tim Schroeder on 11.13.2012 at 5:57 pm

    It’s quite reassuring to see that Quinlan’s focus areas are actually being focused on, and in a very applicable way. The school opening a center to host actual results that are worthwhile shows the world that Quinlan is not only teaching, but they are practicing what they teach.

    And what is even more exciting are the many possibilites that the center will be the forground to change or improvement in suplly chains and the like by creating a community for these related topics.

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