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Welcome to my new blog on issues of the economics of the health care industry.  I’ll be covering a wide array of topics potentially relevant to health care managers, researchers and those interested in health care reform.

With spending of more than $2.5 trillion in the U.S. healthcare industry, the importance of this sector in the growth and performance of our economy is becoming ever more evident.  The aging of the Baby Boomer population combined with the incessant pace of technological development in this sector presents unique challenges for those interested in health care management and economics.

I am currently an assistant professor at Loyola University Chicago with teaching and research interests in health economics.  My research explores economic explanations for health behaviors such as suicide and the economic consequences of obesity.  I teach the Healthcare Economics course in Loyola’s Health Care Management MBA program.

Feedback is always welcome (e-mail me) and responses are greatly encouraged.  Given the importance of the health care sector in our economy and the challenges facing the industry (with major reforms set to be implemented and an aging population), these discussions will hopefully serve to foster knowledge and develop understanding of some of the topics I believe are most pertinent to this industry.

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