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Update from Public History Alumnus, Deb Boyer

Public History alumnus, Deb Boyer (Sting), recently contacted The Graduate School to update us on her exciting work using GIS to archive and manage historical photographs of Philadelphia.

“I realize that sounds like an odd fit for a public historian but it’s actually worked out really well. Azavea does a lot of work in the digital humanities and often collaborates with academic and cultural organizations. One of our clients is the Philadelphia Department of Records and City Archives, and I actually spend a large amount of time managing their historic photograph digitization program. Their images are available on a website called PhillyHistory.org (www.phillyhistory.org) It’s been a wonderful project and has thankfully enabled me to put my public history skills to use. I’ve administered a couple NEH grants and written a few whitepapers and journal articles, including a case study in the Fall/Winter 2011 issue of American Archivist.”    Deb Boyer, M.A. Public History, 2007

Deb’s article can be accessed through LUC libraries: Boyer, D., Cheetham, R., & Johnson, M. L. (January 01, 2011). Using GIS to Manage Philadelphia’s Archival Photographs. American Archivist, 74, 2, 652-663.