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Vado A Firenze!

Vado A Firenze!

Sorry guys, it’s been a while. I just came back from Florence and it was absolutely mesmerizing. My friend and I were supposed to go two weekends ago but because of the odd snowfall in Rome, we were not able to get proper transportation to get to the Termini stop and catch our train outta town. How sweet the wait was though! Picture this: Light blue skies above the Duomo with gliding white clouds, children laughing as they ride the Merry-Go-Round in the warmish weather, a chocolate festival in full scale with the different vendors displaying their best chocolate art and cuisine. Can you say, “Chocolate Kabob?” There was no meat in this dessert, and it was really cool. You know how restaurants have the kabob meat on a pole and shave it off for your lovely meal? That was how my chocolate was served. A huge block of chocolate on a pole shaved off to be placed in a square pancake. Oh, and there was a lot of whip cream and chocolate syrup to top off the sugar fest. MMMMMM.

I went to the Uffizi Museum were I saw brilliant Rennaisance works such as Primavera and Madonna with Two Children. Then we went to the Academia were I saw the David statue, sculpted by Michelangelo. Such a fabulous piece of work. If you haven’t gone or are planning to go, I cannot wait for you to see it! If you are into designer things, you could check out the Gucci Museum. It was very, well, Gucci. If you are looking to see a play, definitely check out the Teatro Verdi. Who knows, Cyrano De Bergerac may still be running by the time you make it there.

If you are looking to get in some good shopping, Florence is the place to go. Would you like to buy a pair of shoes not over 20 Euro? Well, go no further. Take advantage of the SALDI and get yourself a whole new outfit for less than 50 Euro. And I’m not even talking about the street vendors!

If you’re not into shopping, I highly suggest you check out a restaurant called Dante. They have magnificent food, wine, and hospitality. If you say you are a college student, they will treat you especially well. Also, check out the architecture. Since Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance, just picture great artists like da Vinci and Michelangelo walking down the streets.

Remember that you can cover Florence in a day and half so if you’re looking for a fun weekend trip…you know where to go. Word to the wise, validate your train ticket before you get on the train! Also, if you are on a budget, you can find paninis for 2-3 euro from cute little shops named after famous artists and snag a great hot chocolate from a bakery. Or as the Italians call it, cioccolata caldo. Happy Reading!

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