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I have never felt more like the girl I was meant to be until I began this trip. There are moments where I ache for my family or friends from home, but I continue to find who I am by pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I have to keep reminding myself that is okay to take a moment to sit down and take it all in. Here is something I wrote a few days ago, but I forgot to post!

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Finally a moment I had been waiting for since I had my first sip of coffee here, I was able to sit and enjoy my pumpkin spice latte with a red telephone both in my view along with a red double decker bus. I thought long and hard about the choices I would be making this upcoming semester in regards to budgeting. Unlike some of my peers, my parents have blessed me with the opportunity to make it on my own. They always tell me that they may not be able to support me completely in regards of finances, but they would always support me with love. I will say that love is way better than money any day. I was able to save enough for this trip thanks to opportunities from some of the nicest people I have encountered. I called my mom to discuss how I should budget in about eight trips I was eager to book. She prompted me with a question I would recommend to anyone budgeting abroad, “Well, would you rather eat pb&j’s and see those places, or eat heavily with one or two trips?” Moms really know what is up in any situation. I had decided to budget myself roughly $350 dollars per week, about 217 pounds per week.

It has only been my first few days, but I can manage this. As I walked around Westminster this afternoon I realized how relaxed and happy Londoners always are. Maybe there a few business people in a rush with no time to share a smile, but the majority of people say hello  or how do you do! I have to remind myself as I walk around to not have my Chicago street face on. I am only half kidding, but really the people here seem to be moving at a much calmer pace which happens to go quite smoothly. The weather has gone all over the place today, which honestly makes me less homesick. Living in Chicago in the morning you dress for summer and the afternoon you dress for winter.

Last night I had my first genuine laugh here with my roommate Christina. It felt amazing. Walking around the street I listened to Hurricane by MSMR on repeat, it was magical. The lyrics seemed to fit the mood of the weather. I think the strangest thing I have encountered in this new place is the amount people choose to smoke. It is less taboo here, they all do it very casually as if it was naturalistic.Do you ever just wonder who you are? Not in the sense of who you want to be or what you wear or what you listen to, but who you are in the eyes of the people around you? I think people often forget that we play a role in people’s life whether it be an extra or the main character. Do you know who you are? Should you even bother to ask? Last night I had encounter with someone who made all these questions cover my mind.

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Every moment in London I find myself falling in love with places I used to pin on my Pinterest, but more importantly I was already living my dream.

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