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Tips On Beating the Heat!

Tips On Beating the Heat!

Roman summers are hot! Here is a quick guide on a few ways for you to keep your cool:

1. Drink water. Lots of it. This should be obvious, but most of us are not in the habit of carrying a water bottle or two around. Save your bottles. Rome has several fountains where one can refill one’s water containers. There is a machine near the vending machines that also gives free water. Take advantage of it. Bonus point: If you have a metallic water bottle, it will keep your water cool as a cucumber.

2. Gelato is delicious. It is, however, still ice cream, so if you are watching calories, beware. There are a variety of flavors to choose from. The most interesting one I have found recently is affectionately dubbed “Puffa” (“Smurf”), possibly in honor of the live-action movie coming out. Oh, and it’s blue, too.

Yes, it really is that blue.

3. A granita chills you to the bone. Gelato is nice, but even with the hot sun beating down on you, a granita will make your whole body feel cold. Granita are essentially Italian slushies, so if you miss things like ICEEs, give a granita a try. They usually come in 2-4 flavors. Look for the slushie machines hiding in gelato shops.

Hope these tips help all new Rome applicants! Ciao!

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