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The first weekend

The first weekend

If you are a dreamer like me, you’ll know that you spend too much time imagining the life you have preserved for so long. When you finally begin to see it in front of you rather in your head you develop a strange feeling. From when I was about six years old I always tried to write out a plan for my life, but as I see a different part of the world I can happily tell myself that I do not want to have my life planned out. I do not want to know what is going to happen in a year, instead I want it to unfold as I follow what I love. I won’t lie, the first time being abroad I wake up feeling homesick. I miss the people I have shared laughter with and the familiarity of their mannerisms. I won’t lie, the first time being abroad is thrilling. I love venturing out, losing my way and  finding a hidden gem in a place I get to call home for a little while.

As the first few days flew by in London, I made new friends who surprisingly feel the exact way as I do. I traveled alone to the classic tourist places all people must visit the first time they visit London. I ran into friends while exploring a new world. I kept trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, but my stomach refused to try anything but pizza, a salad and of course my favorite American meal a hamburger. I promise though to have my taste buds taste a while new side of the world as my eyes see it. I visited the Camden Lock Market which is a hipster town and the complete opposite of all shopping sites you have ever been too. With street art on every corner and store fronts 3d art, you will be sure to be amazed by what you thought would be just some ordinary market.

Being in a place that has bars that have been open longer than America has been established is beautiful alone, to imagine being here while the history we read about in books took place. The most fun I have had all weekend was going to London’s biggest street festival, Notting Hill Carnival. I am unsure if you have been to Lollapalooza, but this was Lollapalooza’s big brother in the world of festivals. My roommate and I finally unwound to enjoy our new home, we stopped being anxious! The music was different than anything I have heard, people came from all over to enjoy the food and music. As people danced, others indulged into delicious foods or even cheered on the parade. The whole town felt to be shaking with excitement for a festival, everyone was happy. The biggest difference I have notice between Chicago and London is that people seem to not worry about making eye contact and starting a conversation. Although in another English speaking country, communicating can be challenging. I have been told my Chicago accent is too thick!!

Notting Hill Carnival

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