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Recovering from the Snow

Recovering from the Snow

By leaving Chicago for the semester, I thought that I would be escaping the snowy weather, but I was wrong.  In the last two weekends, Rome has received its first major snowfall in 26 years!  It was interesting to watch the reaction of the locals.  They were all very excited, and I was even asked to take a picture of a group of girls in the snow.  It was a very big deal here.  During these times we were also advised not to leave campus because the buses were shutting down and we would have had no way to return to campus.  There were also some cases of heavy tree branches falling due to the weight of the snow.  Some of my classes were cancelled as well because the professors were unable to make it to campus.

On the other hand, this weekend’s weather has been near 60 degrees and beautiful.  Downtown there were various festivities going on for Carnivale.  Little kids were getting their faces painted, theater productions were performing in the streets, and an old-fashioned band was playing music while being driven around in a horse carriage.  It was all very cool to see!

Even though I have been here over a month, another cool thing I was able to see this weekend that I had not had the chance to yet was the Trevi Fountain.  It was so huge and so so beautiful!  The water was also very blue.  Of course, I could not resist throwing a coin over my shoulder into the fountain and wishing for love- as tradition calls for. 

This upcoming weekend a few other girls and I are going to Barcelona!  Then, the following weekend is already spring break.  It is so crazy how fast time is going while studying abroad here.

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