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Pho for Breakfast

Pho for Breakfast

I am a serious breakfast lover. I love cereal, I love french toast, I really love breakfast. But as I have found out in my few days in Vietnam, I actually love american breakfast. Breakfast in Vietnam is, well, a little different.

My first day here I woke up bright and early (thanks jet-lag) and walked with my roommate to a little shop in an alley around the corner from our guesthouse. She introduced me to the vietnamese version of breakfast: Pho. I was a little hesitant at first, I mean I have had pho before but certainly not for breakfast. I didn’t know if I could stomach chicken and hot broth so early in the morning. One bite in and I was hooked. Several days later, I am actually excited to wake up and enjoy pho for breakfast. Who knows if I will feel the same way 4 months in, but for now I can honestly say that I enjoy pho for breakfast.

My first few days here have been a serious adjustment to new language, new foods and new customs. Vietnam is unlike any place I have ever visited. It is loud, it is hectic and it is incredible. The people are incredibly kind, the food is out of this world and there is so much to take in. As I navigate the streets (who knew crossing the street could be SO terrifying??) and navigate my new life in Ho Chi Minh, I am constantly struck by how lucky I am to have this amazing experience.

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