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Paris in Pictures

Paris in Pictures

Ciao a tutti!

Paris is one of those cities that cannot be described in metaphors or imagery because words will not do it justice. So, instead of trying to create an image for you guys, here are some pictures (w/ descriptions) of the unfiltered beauty that is Parìs.

The Louvre- A true masterpiece. An underground art museum that holds some of the most famous art in the world, including the Mona Lisa and the Winged Victory. What made it even more beautiful was that it had free admission since we were studying in Europe.


The Eiffel Tower by day…


… and by night. A glittering light show that happens on the hour, every hour, for about 5 minutes. A can’t miss.
From the top of the Eiffel Tower. Worth the 8 euro. DRESS WARM, esp if you are traveling here in later months, such as October. Feeling in hands was lost, but didn’t stop me from taking millions of photos of that beautiful view.


On top of the Arc du Triomphe. Incredible history, and yet another incredible view, this time with the Eiffel Tower in the back. Try to avoid a foggy day, unlike what we did. Also, it’s free if you’re a student (-:


Self-explanatory. Yum.


Notre Dame minus the Hunchback. The line to get in was ridiculously long, but the outside views made up for it.

To quote my favorite movie Anastasia, “París holds the key to your heart,” and it indeed does.

Arrivederci i miei amici <3


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