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Mozzarella, Waffles and French Fries

Mozzarella, Waffles and French Fries

It is a Thursday night and I am currently sitting in JFRC’s IC finishing up some homework. Not hitting up Rome tonight, but saving that for this weekend!

Two weeks ago I went on the orientation trip to Salerno and it was beautiful! We went the region of Campina, and stayed in the town of Salerno. It is a picture perfect coastal town. We had so much planned into the trip, but my favorite parts were drinking wine at the bottom of Mount Vesuvius, and visiting a buffalo mozzarella farm. I can actually say that I had wine at the bottom of the Mount Vesuvius, and I have the pictures to prove it. Then the buffalo mozzarella farm was a personal favorite because I’m from Buffalo, New York, so I went a little crazy with the fact that a Buffalonian was hanging out with some buffalos.

After that weekend I experienced my first planned weekend trip! A group of us from JFRC all went to Brussels, Belgium for the weekend. The center city was all cobble stone street, small alleys that you can walk down, and a large medieval style square called Grand Place. It was like a small town in a large city. The first thing I did in Brussels was eat a Belgian Waffle, and I licked that plate clean. I also had amazing french fries with mayo, disgusting I know but when in Europe! Then I knew Brussels is known for there seafood and a group of us found this stand up place near Saint Catherine’s Cathedral. I can honestly say that it was the best seafood of my life.

Thus far my trips outside of Rome have been incredible experiences filled with unforgettable memories.

Next time I will talk about my adventure in Rome and my trip to Paris!!

Until then…


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