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Modern Art in an Ancient City

Modern Art in an Ancient City

Took a trip to the 798 Art District yesterday. It was a slice of Beijing that was a beautiful mixture of the modern generation transforming the ancient China into a cultural, colorful and creative country (so many C’s!). It was very similar to American street fairs and urban areas. There were plenty of modern art, and some pieces of old art that have been revamped. Also, there was an area dedicated to spray painting where anyone could buy spray paint and contribute to the ever changing murals.

There were many shops and cafes all with individual flair. Numerous retro pieces from the Cultural Revolution and Communist Takeover. A majority of the population was my age or in the 20’s range. It was definitely a place that we all could fit into. It takes up a few blocks and and is very easy to get turned around in the alleyways and galleries.


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