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Less than 12 hours!

Less than 12 hours!

It’s the night before I depart for Rome and I could not be more excited! In order to prepare, I went out for Italian food with my family while my younger brother, the family scholar, lectured us on the history of Rome and early Christianity. A little bit off the topic of what we’re going to study but it got me back into the educational mindset after two weeks off of school.

I think the best part of this course is the unique combination of cultural experiences and social education. We’re going to be visiting famous landmarks in Rome, as well as the less well known tourist attractions in Malta. At the same time, we are going to be learning about justice and human rights in the context of migrants/refugees that have flooded both Malta and Italy and the political, economic and social implications. This is an intense topic to cover in just two short weeks, but I am really looking forward to the immersion that this course offers. The next two weeks will be packed and exhausting and I can’t wait to get started!

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