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La Vita e Bella…

La Vita e Bella…

…and also extremely humid.  At least, it is here in the fabulous city of Roma!  After the ~32 hour day yesterday, which included two planes, three buses, and one misadventure getting lost downtown for a couple hours, I think it is safe to say that I am finally gathering my bearings in Italy.  Or at least, I’m less jet-lagged than I was yesterday, which is always good thing.

A few things I’ve learned over the past two days:

1) I like gelato.

2) Romans like their smart-cars and motor-bikes/vespas.

3) People like to stare at obviously lost tourists.

4) Gelato is good.

5) The bus system here confuses me.

6) Europeans use Monopoly money as currency.

7) I recommend un cono piccolo of caffe, creme, and cioccolato.

8 ) It’s probably a good idea to keep my camera handy when going anywhere, because there is a photo-op around every corner.

9) I like to create random lists of things that pop into my head at any random moment.

10) This is just to round out the list, I’ll be honest.

More posts to follow (and Coming Soon: With Pictures!), but I have lists to make and mothers to Skype, so ciao for now!

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