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In precisely 36 hours, I will be sitting in great anticipation at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. My bags will be packed (and hopefully not exceeding the irritating weight limit), I will have survived the new  TSA pat down procedures necessary to travel, and I will be awaiting the announcement that I can board the plane and officially begin my semester abroad. 9 long hours after that, I will have landed in Rome.

But for the moment, I sit here on my laptop and realize I don’t seem ready at all.

My empty suitcases sit in my brother’s room in the same position since I first brought them out in a short lived moment of ambition on Tuesday. At risk of having a complete girl moment, the one, lonely checked bag I am allowed to bring is still sort of freaking me out, not to mention a constant running list of odds and ends for which we must continually run to the store. And of course, there’s a million questions racing through my mind: do I have all my necessary travel documents in the right place? Could I really hold my own in Italian conversation with a legitimate native? Will the Italians be able to appreciate my rapping ability and knowledge of all things Kanye West….or will I just be ‘that American’?

While I hope for the best, I assume the second outcome to be more likely. However, that minor pitfall could not hinder my excitement for this semester one bit. Ever since I returned from London at the end of the Spring Break of my senior year of high school, I felt the immediate the need to travel again….especially back to Europe.

Over this semester, I intend to immerse myself in all things Italia. I plan to (attempt to) speak the language and explore my surroundings, as well as any other country I find the funds to travel to. I also intend to experience new people, places, customs, and of course, fine Italian wines (it’s me, were you expecting anything different?).

So I guess that’s what this site is for. I’m new to the blogging idea so bear with me anyone who is actually bored enough to read my  rants. I wanted to share my Italian (and European) escapades with a large number of people. This desire made me think back to one of my Communications classes in which we were forced to blog with this site throughout the semester. At last I can finally say I got something useful out of that class!

So with my first entry published and one more item officially checked off  of my To Do List, I suppose I should actually finish……or who am I kidding, START packing or any other of the enormous amount of tasks which must be done before 36 hours from now.

Feel free to comment, this blog being public forum and your country being America (you might know, freedom of speech is strongly encouraged, thank you Poli Sci major). I’d love to hear thoughts to know that I am rambling for someone out there. And I’ll miss everyone in America so it would be great to hear from you!

The next time I write, I will be in my new home: Roma!

Io vi parlerò più tardi!

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