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I did not like Rome. Fact. Maybe it was a function of where I was staying, maybe it was being sick, maybe it was having just left Tunisia. There was a bit of culture shock after a month in Africa. Seeing bare shoulders and other uncovered…parts….was actually uncomfortable. Possibly also sick of all the spaghetti and pizza. Oh, and honestly, how many gelato places do you really need Rome.

I felt like cattle in vatican museum.

Enough about Rome. I’m in Istanbul now and I have met up with some of my friends from Tunisia. Were staying in the old city known as Sultanhmet, and its gorgeous. We had dinner last night on a rooftop terrace overlooking the Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. ( I would post a picture of that but i’m being lazy). After we sat down at a sidewalk cafe for some nargeli and drinks. Some locals from the hostel took us out to the clubs and I dont believe we returned till sunrise. We’re all hurting a bit today.

But hey, check out these F’n camels

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