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Is It My Turn Yet?

Is It My Turn Yet?

As much as I have enjoyed my two months working at the local coffee shop, I am ready for an adventure.

Most college students vacated my hometown about a month ago; needless to say, I can’t wait for a change. In just under one week, I will head into Chicago, not to visit Loyola (although I will miss it), but to leave on the very long flight from O’Hare to Melbourne International.

Australia, here I come.

Not so fast though. The flight consists of an eight-hour layover in San Francisco and another two-hour layover in Sydney.  So with the time difference, I am looking at over two days of travel. My fingers are crossed the flights will go smoothly though.

I still don’t know what to expect upon arrival.  I, however, do know that I will be trading in all this snow for lots of Australian summer sun.  For now though, I should probably turn my focus to packing, fitting four months into two suitcases.

Check back here about twice a week. I look forward to sharing my Australian adventures with you.

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